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17 Tips to Become a Potential Boyfriend


Are you looking for a girlfriend or do you want to know how to get a girlfriend? To get a girlfriend, it all comes down to your attractiveness and qualities as a potential boyfriend. It maybe impossible to turn yourself into a perfect boyfriend, but it is possible to come close to an ideal boyfriend most women are looking for. Here are some tips to help you become a potential boyfriend and have a better chance of succeeding in the dating arena.

Be trustworthy. Your future girlfriend will entrust you her physical and emotional being and if you are not trustworthy enough to take care of her emotionally and physically, you shouldn’t be dreaming of being her boyfriend. To be trusted, you have to be loyal and capable of sticking to one girl, meaning fidelity is a must if you want to be trusted. Showing qualities that you are a one woman man can help you become a potential boyfriend most women are looking for.

Know what you want and go for it. A man who can’t make decisions because he does not know what he wants is a big turn off. Indecisiveness is not a good trait for a boyfriend. Knowing what you want and taking actions are very attractive traits. For instance, if you really want a relationship, you put yourself out there and let her know that you are interested not just as a friend but as a boyfriend. Of course there is a chance you’ll get rejected but a man who knows what he wants is not afraid to take risks just because he’s afraid of losing. Not taking a step forward or taking a risk on something you want will not get you anywhere. You will remain unnoticed unless you take a step forward and do something. To be a potential boyfriend you must know what you want and you must do something about it.

You are not insecure and you know your worth. Not knowing your worth or not putting importance to yourself could make it hard for you to find a girlfriend. No one wants to have an insecure boyfriend. You have to love yourself first to be able to love others. A man who knows his worth is more confident and this is an admirable trait especially to the opposite sex. Most women are drawn to confident and secured men.

Be compassionate and caring. A compassionate and caring person is not selfish. He has a heart that cares for others. Women are naturally caring and compassionate and they have a soft spot for men who are kindhearted and concerned to the welfare of not only his family and friends but also the well-being of other people. To become a potential boyfriend, you have to be caring and compassionate.

Be honest. No one wants a relationship based on lies so to become a potential boyfriend, you have to be honest from the start. Do not pretend to be someone you are not just to impress her. Be yourself and be honest from the start and that is a good trait women are looking for.

Be chivalrous. In this modern generation, most men behave too modern that they often lack the “gentleman” qualities that men should normally have. Being a boyfriend even in this new generation requires you to act as a gentleman so being more chivalrous can help you secure a spot to become a potential boyfriend. No matter what generation it is, being chivalrous melts women’s heart. Simple chivalrous acts like opening the door for her, pulling a chair, protecting her while walking on the streets, pick her up or walk her home, putting gloves on her hands or jacket on her shoulder when she’s cold, etc. goes a long way. Women can be independent but that doesn’t mean they do not want to be treated like ladies. Those little courtly acts can make a woman feel she’s special and can make her want you as a boyfriend.

Be generous. Being generous is not only about giving lavish gifts. If you can afford it, then by all means shower her with gifts but generosity also means giving your time, love and affection abundantly. Showing your love may include spending on gifts or dates but it doesn’t mean you have to spend more than you can afford to show your generosity. It is good that a woman is aware that you are willing to spend on her but always remember that it’s the thoughts that counts.

You are open to compromise. A relationship won’t work if you don’t know how to find the middle ground and compromise. Showing that you are not close-minded and that you are open to compromise on issues or things that you both cannot see each other eye-to-eye, makes you a potential boyfriend.

You are willing to open up. Most men are aloof and most women find it appealing at first but if you keep putting up walls that seems hard to break, it could push women away. It may be true that men want their own space but there are times that men should also open up. People including women will open up more to you if you are willing to open up too. To become a potential boyfriend, be more open and let her in.

You should be reliable. A woman should feel secure when you are around because you are a reliable man. You are consistent and always do what you said you’ll do. If you said you’ll show up on a specific time then show up on time. Reliability is one of the traits most women are looking for a potential boyfriend.

You are serious and not just playing games. Most women are looking for a boyfriend who do not want to play games so they are looking for someone for keeps. If you just want women for fun, do not look for a girlfriend or a relationship. Most women looking for a boyfriend want a real relationship and if you are serious, then you can be a potential boyfriend.

You are someone who takes your future seriously. Most women do not want an easy go lucky guy but they aspire for a boyfriend who takes his future seriously. To become a potential boyfriend you must have future goals, have a career and financially secured. You can support yourself and of course your future partner. If you are looking for a girlfriend, of course you have the time to invest in the relationship despite your focus on your career or else your girlfriend will suffer if you end up putting her last on your list.

Don’t expect physical intimacy too soon. To become a potential boyfriend, you must be patient. Do not expect to get laid on the first or second date but wait until she’s ready or until the time is right. A man who is prepared for a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship patiently waits and respects a woman’s reserved nature. By patiently waiting, it proves that sex is not your primary intention but you actually want a relationship and willing to wait until she’s ready.

Be a good listener. Listen closely when she’s talking and let her know that you are really listening. Remember even the small details about her. Most men often think that women are big talkers and they do not think that it’s worth listening to everything they say. Let her know that you are different and that you know how to listen. Making eye contact while listening to her can help you make emotional connections with her. Most women want to be heard and they want a boyfriend who knows how to listen.

Show interest on her passion. Like most men, women also want their man to show interest on what they do. A man who truly wants a relationship with a woman is also interested on everything about her including her job, hobbies and her passion. Showing support and interest on things important to her can help you become a potential boyfriend.

Become friends with her family and friends. Most women consider the opinion of their families and close friends regarding relationships. It is best to become friends with people close to her to have a solid back up and to prove that you are serious and sincere with your intentions. Taking into consideration the important roles of her family and friends on her relationships can help you become a potential boyfriend.

Always be positive. Many men encountered rejections after rejections before finding the one destined for them. Do not be too hard on yourself. Think that another rejection makes you one step closer to finding the one right for you. Enjoy the experience of dating and you will eventually find the one for you.

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