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5 Powerful Network Marketing Success Tips


In an economy where people are no longer confident in the job market, the profession of network marketing is looking more and more attractive these days; even to those who would have never considered it before. This, of course, is great for the network marketing industry and bad, all at the same time. Now, if you’re asking, “How could it be both” well, you have to be honest and still look at network marketing’s success and it’s failure rate. So many more people fail (quit) at it than they succeed, which is why so many people say the industry doesn’t work, which is unfair, since people fail in other industries.

Now that we have so much new talent starting in this wonderful profession, will they have the necessary skills to achieve true success? If they’re relying on the company’s training systems and manual, chances are the towel will be thrown in before their business gets off the ground.

As I’ve grown in my knowledge of what it takes to achieve a certain level of network marketing success, it somewhat caught me off guard as to what I was missing and where I was going wrong and I’d like to share with you some of my discoveries. So, here are 5 powerful network marketing success tips.

1. Treat your business like a real business – This phrase has more to do with mindset than anything else. When you look at your business as a hobby, then you will get hobby results, which won’t lead to financial and time freedom. When you treat it like a business, you show up every day, ready to build, connect and strategize – over time, you will see the fruits of your labor. But, this is where people run into a brick wall. Shaking the 9-to-5 mentality isn’t as easy as one would think. Though you may have a team and a supportive upline; they aren’t there to build your business for you. You have to be accountable to yourself each and every day. So, study what it takes to run a real business, shed that ol’ 9-to-5 mentality and get ready to experience what this powerful profession has done for so many.

2. Get over the fear of the phone – This will be a very important skill to develop. If you can develop the skillset and ignite that little spark of courage to pick up the phone and call a lead or even cold call a professional, then you will go far in this business and you’ve set yourself apart from the majority of the people in this profession. It really isn’t as hard as you might think. So, get over the fear, pick up the and make that call.

3. Create a system of duplication – The true secret to this profession is “Duplication”. If your company has a easy to follow, duplicable system, then some of your job is done, but if you come up with your own system, just make sure it can be duplicated.

4. Become a true leader – if you really want to soar to the top and achieve the lifestyle you hoped for, then you should expect to build a decent size team and with you will have to step into a leadership role. Leadership in this business really means “teacher”. As new people come into your organization, you will have to be that shinning force leading and teaching the way to success. The business becomes less about you and more about your team.

5. Never stop learning – I can’t say the fifth tip loudly or frequently enough. I’ve heard it said “it’s not what you get or the money you make that matters, but, it’s who you become in the process. For me, there’s no going back to my old self. I am truly thankful for who I’ve become because of this industry. There should never be a day that passes that you don’t read, watch or listen to something that will help you build your business bigger and stronger. Whether it’s learning cold calling techniques or lead generation; never, ever stop learning.

So, remember that success isn’t to the swift, but to those who are willing to persist, be consistent and patient.


Source by Todd Cheek

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