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Afraid by Jack Kilborn


Afraid means filled with fear or apprehension and is much too mild a word to describe the feelings of the residents of Safe Haven, Wisconsin when five men invade the town. These five men are members of a Red-Ops group. The five all have backgrounds of violent behavior. The group have been specially trained and programmed to kill. Now the five want an answer to one question.

No one in the town seems to be able to answer the question so the residents die and no one dies an easy death. Safe Haven is shortly reduced to a ghost town.

Fran Stauffer, a single mother, who has just had an encounter with one of the group and escaped, has one thought only. That thought is to reach her son Duncan and take him to safety.

Sheriff Ace Streng knows that the group is looking for his brother but he doesn’t know why. Sheriff Streng is getting old and ready for retirement but all of his training kicks in and he puts up a good fight against the group.

Josh Van Camp is a fire fighter who joins Fran and the Sheriff in an attempt to destroy the five.

How can one aging Sheriff, a young fire fighter and a single mom ever hope to survive against such odds? Fran’s son Duncan and his dog Woof help the group more than you would think.

Afraid is not a book for the faint-hearted. It is full of evil and violent acts. Afraid also reveals how ordinary people faced with extraordinary circumstances can find strength they did not know they possessed.

Afraid is definitely not a cozy but if you aren’t afraid pick up a copy for an excellent read. Before you begin to read, be sure your doors are locked and you have candles ready in case the lights go out.

AFRAID – 5 Stars

Jack Kilborn

Grand Central Publishing, 2009, 346 Pages

ISBN No. 978-0446535939


Source by Patricia Reid

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