AKD-ISF – Best Mutual Fund to Invest in Pakistan

AKD-ISF is one of the best mutual fund in Pakistan. it is offered by AKD Investment Group. This post is part of a series Mutual Funds in Pakistan. In this series, we will examine all major mutual funds in Pakistan, their performance, and how to invest in them. I will be needing readers’ views about the post so that i can make this blog better for you. i hope you will like this post.

Investment Objective

The AKD Islamic Stock Fund is designed to generate competitive returns through stock market investing. The goal of the AKD Islamic Stock Fund is to invest in the capital markets using an optimal combination of Shariah-compliant shares that provide capital growth and dividends.


AKD Mutual Fund Performance
AKD Fund Performance

AKD Mutual Fund tracks the KMI-30 Index. KMI-30 index is meezan bank index which contains 30 best companies in stock market which are shariah compliant.

Asset Allocation

AKD Asset Allocation

Fund Information

Fund TypeOpen End
CategoreyIslamic Equity Scheme
Net Assets (PKR)227,004,144
NAV (PKR)38.9050
Risk ProfileHigh
Risk of Principal ErossionPrincipal at high Risk
BenchmarkKMI-30 Index
Dealing DaysMonday to Friday
Cutt off timings9:00 Am to 5:00 PM
Pricing MechanismForward Pricing
Management Fee2%
Sales Load (Front End)3%
Total Expense Ratio1.06%
Date of LaunchFeb,2018
TrusteeDigital Custodian
Company Limited –
Formerly MCBFSL

How to Apply for AKD-ISF

For New Investors who do not already have an account with AKD Investment Management Limited:

  • Fill the “Investor Account Opening Form and Purchase of Units Form.
  • Attach the required mandatory documents to your application, mentioned on the form for your ease.
  • Attach the payment instrument/proof to your application.
    • All payments should be made in the name of the fund(s) you are investing in, such as “CDC Trustee-AKD Aggressive Income Fund.” Payments can be made by check, pay order, demand draft, or online transfer:
    • Account Title : MCBFSL Trustee-AKD Islamic STOCK fund
      Bank Name : BANK ISLAMI
      Branch Name: Karachi Stock Exchange Branch
      Account Number : 1010-0010464-0241
      IBAN Number : PK08BKIP0101000104640241
  • Send your application form along with the mandatory documents and payment proceeds to our branch or Head Office. Once AKD have received your complete application, They will verify the details and in turn contact you confirming your investments with them.

For Existing Investors (who already have an account with AKD Investment Management Limited

  • Fill the “Purchase of Units Form”
  • Step 2: Attach the payment instrument/proof to your Form
  • Send your application form along with the mandatory documents and payment proceeds to branch or Head Office.

This video below will help you to fill out the form for AKD Investments

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