Books Summaries


This page is about book summaries. Every book that I read, I post my insights about that book or my personal summary of the book so that others can be inspired to read it as well. Book reading is not very common these days. It is the necessity of time to start reading books. This blog’s purpose is to inspire people to read books.

Although there are many benefits to reading books, knowledge and entertainment are perhaps the two most important ones. Since I enjoy reading, the latter is undoubtedly a factor in my motivation to read. But I typically try to choose novels that I believe will be significant. If I merely wanted to be entertained, I might stick to lighter fiction or give up reading in favor of watching movies, television, or other less demanding media.

I value reading for information. But if that’s the case, it doesn’t seem bad to read merely the summaries. but please note that, reading summary can never be equavalent to reading full book.

Should you extend your search and spend more time reading book summaries and reviews, or is it preferable to concentrate your reading time on lengthier reads?

For me, the first reason I mentioned—that I enjoy reading entire books because I find them interesting—is enough to make me want to keep up my existing reading habits. But if it turned out to be the most effective course of action, I would be open to the thought of somewhat shifting my habits toward more summaries and less depth.

All Book reviews will have link for amazon buy link and download link for book pdf. so please buckle up and start reading. Please do comments on books if you like it or not. it will be appriciated. Happy Reading

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