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Bradford, You’re Fired by William Woodbridge – Book Review


Title and Author: Bradford, You’re Fired! By William W. Woodbridge

Synopsis of Content:

First published in the early 1900s this little book is a story of a young salesman who is lazy, unmotivated, selfish, and blames others for his misfortune. He is fired by his boss for his lack of a good work ethic. At first Bradford is angry and sullen. He drinks himself into a stupor.

But after a day of reflection he comes to understand that his failure and his being fired are not his boss’s fault or the fault of anyone but himself. He comes to realize that he must change himself to become successful. He then “fires” himself. That is, he fires the old self and creates a new, positive man who accepts responsibility for his own fate.

In time this change leads him to tremendous success.

This little book was in many ways ahead of its time. The author recognized over a century ago that in reality we work for ourselves and not for others even if we have an employer.

The Forward was written by Paul J. Meyer. Paul J. Meyer is a renowned author and a pioneer in the modern self improvement industry.

Readability/Writing Quality:

Woodbridge writes in the somewhat archaic style of the early 20 century. The modern reader may find the style a bit naïve but it is nonetheless an enjoyable and worthwhile read. It teaches a universal truth about the importance of accepting full and exclusive responsibility for our own destiny. It is not written in the more ponderous style of books in the early 19th century.

Notes on Author:

William Witherspoon Woodbridge was the author of a number of short classic self improvement books in the early 1900s. He also wrote That Something, Something More, and Scooting Skyward. His writings were endorsed by Thomas Edison among others. These little books and others like them were popular in the pre WWI era as they appealed to the common man and were written simply.

Three Great Ideas You Can Use:

1. Before we can change our circumstance and turn failure into success we must completely accept the fact that our success or failure is entirely our responsibility. It is natural and all too common for people to blame circumstances and other people their problems. You must change yourself before you can change your fate.

2. Applying the fundamental principles of patience, hard work, integrity and commitment is the surest path to success. Asking what you can do and how you can contribute is the key to success.

3. We do not just work for a company, we work for ourselves. In this Woodbridge was a century before his time. He recognized that one cannot depend upon or blame the company for one’s lot in life. He taught a hundred years ago that our personal success must come from our understanding that we ultimately work for ourselves first and foremost – it is the one job you cannot be fired from and cannot lose. You can only quit.

Publication Information:

Bradford, You’re Fired! by William W. Woodbridge.

Copyright: 2004 by Executive Books.

General Rating: Good


Source by Daniel Murphy

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