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What can you do to become more aware, work at your full potential, and realize your goals? What will allow you to choose positive thoughts even in gloomy situations? It is your level of awareness.

There are seven levels of awareness listed here from the lowest to the highest level:

1. Animal

2. Mass

3. Aspiration

4. Individual

5. Discipline

6. Experience

7. Mastery

All of us primarily function at one of these levels. According to where we are in our lives at any given time, we may bounce back and forth between levels. We should strive to reach the highest level of mastery where we are in full control and getting the best results in life. Keep in mind that you could be operating on several levels depending on the particular area in your life. You may have ascended in development more so in one area of life that the other.

Level 1: Animal

This level of awareness is the stimulus-response level, also known as the reactionary or the fight, flight or freeze level. There is very little, if any, thought at this level. This is the level a person is at when they allow what’s going on in their current circumstances and/or reality dictate how they react.

To react or respond is a choice. Reacting is a negative choice, and responding is a positive one. Reacting implies that we have given control of our lives (our circumstances) to someone or something else. We surrender to other people or things. At this level, we do not anticipate that which is to come because we are too busy putting out the fire before us, so we are unaware of new fires developing. Many give themselves to alcohol, drugs, or other negative external forces to control their circumstances, temporarily of course and only in appearance, when the real problem of course is still there and, in most cases, compounded to a larger scale because of ignoring it and because of adding another negative to it.

Responding to a situation is a positive choice. It is proactive and anticipates those things to come. Responding is preceded by thought. In responding, we take charge and have command over how the situation affects us. We also have control over how it affects us internally.

Level 2: Mass

At this level, an individual is concerned more about what others think about them. And it’s not what others actually “think.” It is what they think others think. Comments like “what will my best friend think,” “what will my boss think” are common questions asked at this level. This is the conforming level of awareness or the “following the crowd” level. It is where the majority of people live their lives. Conformity. Not really thinking. Similar to the sheep mentality of simply following the leader, no questions asked. This level resembles going along with the current popular viewpoints. There is minimal independent thought going on at this level. This person does not consciously choose the things that they want. They ask others what they think they should do with their life, problems, money, job, etc.

If you must follow others, follow the one or two folks who are doing things differently than the masses. It is a good chance that they have put some thought into what they are doing. Most people do not think. George Bernard Shaw said that 2 percent of people think; 3 percent of people think that they are thinking and 95 percent of people would rather die than think! It is not a coincidence that 1 percent of the world’s population earns 96 percent of the money being made. Break out of the “mass” level of consciousness and claim the life of your dream, the life you were created for.

Successful people do not follow the masses. They are independent thinkers. If you wish to achieve success, realize that it is not an easy path to follow. You will face ridicule from strangers, family, and friends. Remember that your first responsibility is to be true to yourself and do whatever fulfills you and makes you happy. Bob Proctor states, “The masses are obsessed with conformity rather than creativity.”

Level 3: Aspiration

This is where you desire to be, do, or have more than your current circumstances. Unfortunately, it is desire without action. One could say this is the area where there is a lot of wishful thinking going on. No real change occurs here. As a person starts to read quality information or listen to others with quality information – like Wallace D. Wattles, Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Bob Burg, Paul Martinelli, and others – that person starts to realize that there is something more that they’re capable of. This is the level where you are beginning to wake up. You now want to break away from the masses and become an individual. You know that there is something more that you are capable of.

Many people become stuck at this level because their new desires are just wishes until they back them with action. You may desire to earn more money. Desire is derived from the Latin word da-sire, which means “to give birth to.” Wallace D. Wattles says, “The desire for riches is simply the capacity for larger life seeking fulfillment; every desire is the effort of an unexpressed possibility to come into action. It is power seeking to manifest which causes desire. That which makes you want more money is the same as that which makes the plant grow; it is Life, seeking fuller expression.”

A person earning $50,000 per year is not earning that because they want to. They desire to earn far more than that. However, when this person is presented with the idea of earning $200,000 per year, he will reject the idea. Now why would he reject the idea? Because that idea is far beyond what he is currently getting in his life. He thinks that he cannot earn more.

Decide to believe in yourself. Take charge of your own self-concept and beliefs. With enough positive self-talk and positive visualization combined with the proper training, coaching, and practice, anyone can learn to do almost anything. You must choose to believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. You can-it is a fact.

Level 4: Individual

After aspiring something bigger and better than your current circumstances, you begin to acknowledge that you are a worthwhile, amazing individual that is capable of amazing things. But this level, by itself, won’t cut it. The individual level is unquestionably and totally dependent on the fifth level. This is when you begin to express your uniqueness as a human being. You take action. You become aware that there never has been, or will be, another expression of life like you.

Here, you begin to express your uniqueness through your actions. You are out of your head and into your uniqueness. You realize that there is no one like you. Only you possess your special gifts and talents. You move into action because you have the faith to move toward your desires.

If we can think it, we can do it. Keep your mind only on the things you desire. If you focus on what you want rather than what you do not want, you will know when it is time to move into action. Your action will be effortless. Doors will open, and the entire universe will conspire to assist you with your desire.

You begin to dream. Once you step into the action, everything that you are seeking is also seeking you. You begin to live on purpose instead of by chance. Your goals begin to manifest.

You leave your comfort zone because you realize that this is necessary for change to take place. All growth takes places outside the comfort zone.

Abraham Maslo said that either we advance forward in the direction of our dreams or we revert backward into safety.

Level 5: Discipline

This level is absolutely critical to the person who has aspired to break away from the mass level of awareness. Here discipline is required. By discipline, I mean the ability to give ourselves a command and follow through on it regardless of what is happening. This means to stay on course regardless of what the masses are doing and/or saying. Without disciplining oneself to take action, there will be insufficient force to make that break from the mass.

Are you willing to devote yourself to do anything necessary to make the goals and dreams you have become a reality? Are you able to become disciplined enough to see that what you must do to make your desires manifest is to be totally focused on the result from the beginning of any task?

Are you willing to work through any challenge or obstacle and turn it into an opportunity for growth and transformation as you build your business and character?

When you are devoted to being disciplined in all areas of your life, amazing things will happen. Being disciplined is a way of being that allows for abundant thinking so that when a limited belief pops up, you can see it for what it is and move through it with a conviction and determination that will bring you closer and closer to the results you want in any area of your life. Be disciplined about who you are and watch as the floodgates of infinite opportunity shower you with unlimited success.

Level 6: Experience

At this level, you recognize that all the answers or how’s that you are looking for are really found from within. As you look within yourself, the spirit brings to you the ideas and people you require to accomplish the task at hand. As the individual applies discipline and does the things that will elevate one to new levels, the experience gained will reinforce that person’s awareness of his or her own abilities. The difference between learning and experience is the discovery that the answers are within. “That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do. Not that the nature of the thing has changed, but that our ability to do has increased.”

As you look within yourself, God brings to you the ideas and people you require to accomplish your desires. We have a wonderful world of power, possibility, and promise that is within us. Because within us is the mind, and the mind is the creative cause of all that transpires in the experience and our lives. We can learn to use our mind constructively, and we can learn to correctly use these hidden powers, forces, and faculties (Please refer to the “Core Principles” section, principle number 2, the stick person).

When you apply steadfast discipline and do the things that will elevate you to new levels, the experience gained reinforces your awareness of your amazing abilities. This, in turn, leads to great accomplishments. When you see the desired results manifest, you will become stronger in how you practice and do more of the same. When you do not see the desired results, you will make the necessary corrections and then practice with discipline until that desire manifests.

Level 7: Mastery

At this level of awareness, there is a higher level of thought. This is where a person will truly begin to respond instead of react. A person will stop and think, think and act. At this level of awareness, there is a higher level of humor, creativity, enthusiasm, excitement, love, and gratitude. We have developed the mindset needed to function from an abundant perspective.

We are no longer controlled by habitual patterns that our paradigms have created. Our minds are very calm. We know that whatever the challenge, adversity, or question we need an answer to, we will receive it. It is in the silence and calmness that we hear the answers. This is a very different way to live especially in these challenging times.

Mastery is the highest level that we can attain. Only a small percentage of the population reaches this point; however, we all have the mental faculties and capacity to do so. The feedback that we receive at the sixth level, experience, allows us to master what we want to accomplish in our life. These individuals have learned the laws of the universe. They understand how the science and process operates, and they have fine-tuned their methods based upon their experience. They are quite effective at attracting success, wealth, and resources. They are goal achievers.

Life just seems to flow here. One has reached a higher level of thought. This person truly thinks and takes the action that moves them in the direction of what is desired. Here, you become the captain of your own ship.

It takes a while to achieve this awareness level. It takes persistence and discipline. Since we only have one life to live, why not strive to make it a masterpiece?

“No man is free who is not a master of himself”, Epictetus


Source by Nader Ashchi

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