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Day Trading in Australia – Everything You Need to Know


Lucky country, that’s the common term that is often used to describe Australia. Australians are more than proud to be called lucky because they have the evidence to prove it. They have all the riches, pleasant climate, geographic isolation and a good business economy. The Australian business is known today as a strong financial center because of the presence of the Australian Stock Exchange, contributing almost 69% of the country’s gross domestic product.

Day trading in Australia is one of the most popular business trends in the country, and there’s a very good reason for that. A lot of people have realized that day trading or commonly known in Australia as intraday stock trading can give them good profits that can sustain their daily living. If you’re planning to day-trade in Australia, here’s everything you need to know.

As you venture in the Australian stock market, you should know that Australia is the largest shareholder among all nations in the world of day trading. They trade more shares with a reported 79,000 average number of trades on a daily basis. The Australian Securities Exchange or commonly known as ASX was formed in the year 1987, after 6 independent stocks exchanges operating in the capital cities in Australia, all these were combined as one. It is the main stock exchange center in Australia and its main functions are discovery of prices, transfer of risks, and clearing, depository and settlement. Some other functions include supervision of the listed entities in the stock market and processes the announcements of companies. It also issues an annual query of price among the listed companies. When it comes to the execution of trades, ASX facilitates the balance and equity of all trades, including the options and futures trades.

As a day trader in Australia, you should know that there are a lot of strategies that you can employ in your trade. However, the best strategy is the one that’s truly appropriate for the stock market that you are dealing with and your position for that time and say. The truth is, there isn’t any single method that can work for you throughout your trading days. Since change is constant in the stock market, you may have to use different strategies everyday, and for you to know which strategy is best for a particular market situation, you need to gain experience first. In the Australian stock market, the real action takes place in the first and last hour of day trading. With this being said, you may have time as a luxury, which you can use for other activities. You can utilize this time to learn intraday stock trading methods and strategies that would be useful for your trade.

If you want to be assured with your trade, you can always visit some websites that can help you answer your queries, especially if you are just starting out with day trading in Australia. You can even find some free announcements of the available stock analysis tools and other financial tools. These bits of information can help you build your own day trading strategy as you enter the Australian stock market.


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