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Facebook FarmVille Cheat Codes – Do They Exist?


Farming virtually, that is virtually growing crops, harvesting them, managing livestock and expanding your farm; that’s the game of FarmVille in a nutshell. Being the fastest growing social online game, FarmVille is about how efficiently you manage to get your scores mounting and elevating your levels by cultivating virtual crops and using other relevant resources. Now, one of these resources might be taken as the cheat codes which will give advantage beyond normal game-play. There has been much thick air about the existence of FarmVille cheat codes that supposedly help you in making more money and crossing the game levels with an undue advantage over others.

At the initial stage of the game, you will get a farm, some cash to buy seeds and options to plough and cultivate the farm. The game has a Marketplace from where you can buy seeds, trees, animals, buildings, vehicles and decorations. After the crops fully grow you harvest them and earn Farm coins and Farm cash which enables you to buy seeds and cultivate further thus moving forward through the levels. Earning farm coins and Farm cash might be easier with the so called “tricks”. And it is definitely unambiguous that ‘tricks’ do not imply FarmVille cheat codes.

On the other hand, purchasing items and farming increases your experience count which decides the game level and this game level controls the Market place, higher level unlocks more items. So with higher levels you have more and better options to choose among the variety of seeds that you want to plant in your farm. Here also you can take the undue advantage of the FarmVille tricks and not the non-existent Farmville cheat codes.

The game has various other tasks like collecting ribbons and other collectables, helping in your neighbor’s farm, sending gifts and sharing your earnings with mastering crops. Again with the help of the some adept tricks these tasks can also be easily performed. But there are a number of rules to follow to know your game better. Buying storage places, buildings, expanding your farm and other decorations can be efficiently performed using a step by step guidance.


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