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Female Insurance Adjusters


More and more women are discovering the field of Independent Insurance Adjusting and I believe this will have a positive impact on our industry.

There was a time when the females you saw in the field were part of a husband and wife team with the husband as the adjuster and the wife who assisted them. When you did see a female who was the adjuster it was few and far between.

But that is changing.

Not only are women finding that they are capable of doing this job, but many have become quite successful at it.

Organizers by nature, the female adjuster has been able to grasp the need for details that is such an important part of our job. This dedicated attention to the details has resulted in a very good completed work product, and that makes the insurance carriers happy. And women tend not to be afraid to ask the needed questions in order to get things done correctly.

I met a female adjuster last year in her mid thirties and fairly new. She was 5’3″ and 105 pounds at the most. When I saw the ladder she was using I wondered how well she was going to be able to handle it. But let me tell you, she had that ladder out of the truck, set up and she was on the roof so quick even I was impressed. This was no wimpy ladder either! Her inspection practices were good and her scope was correct and complete.

So to all of the new female adjusters and those that are trying to break into the industry I say Welcome!

I think you’ll find that this is an exciting rewarding field and one that you can truly expand and utilize your talents, AND be recognized for them.


Source by Cindy Lee Jones

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