Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom – Everything you Need to Know

Financial Freedom

Hi, This is Salik, and in this post we will talk about financial freedom. In order to help you more; please comment with your suggestions. It will be appreciated. for more articles on financial freedom. Please see this Page. and Amazon has many books on financial freedom. You can find them here. Below are some frequently asked questions on financial freedom.

what does financial freedom mean?

Financial Freedom is a term used by many people like robert green in his books and it means you don’t have to work in by force; but by choice. You don’t have to do job for your kitchen but you choose profession of your own will and you can retire whenever you want. it means acquiring enough income, savings, or assets to live comfortably for the rest of one’s life and meet all of one’s commitments without relying on a wage. A long-term financial plan’s ultimate purpose is to achieve this.

Are financial advisors free?

Financial advisors are not usually free. but you can get around and find the free financial advisors. here is a beautiful article on how to get free financial advice

How to achieve financial freedom in 5 years

Financial freedom is a journey, a path. A path of decipline, consitancy and positivie attitude. we will discuss it stepwise

Step-1. Multiple Sources of income

The first step to financial freedom is to have multiple sources of income. So you have to create multiple income streams; for example, you can have houses that rent. or You may have some business and a day job, but in essence, you should have multiple income streams.

Step 2. Prepare your reserve Fund

Once you have multiple income streams, the second step is to create a reserve fund. This fund is for your emergencies. It should have contains your all expenses for at least six months. you can do side hustles in order to make more money and finish your reserve fund early

Step 3. Make Yourself Safe

The third step is to obtain medical insurance or insure yourself. So in case you have any accidents or mishaps, it should cover them for you. and you or your kin have money for savings.

Step 4. Start Investing

The fourth step is to start investing. Once you have multiple income streams and your reserve fund and insurance are in place, you should start making investments. There are many ventures in which you invest. Below are some investment ventures

  1. Mutual Funds
  2. Stocks
  3. ETFs
  4. REITs
  5. Bank Investment Plans
  6. Investment in Business
  7. Investment in Farming
  8. Investment is Agriculture

Investment Options

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is the first investment venture that anyone can try. A complete guide for mutual funds is available. Banks are managing mutual funds in Pakistan. In Pakistan, Meezan Bank provides many good options for mutual funds. Average return per year in Mutual funds is 10%


Stocks can be risky, but they can also provide a good return. A complete guide for opening an account in the Pakistan Stock Market is available. A good investor can get as much as 40% in return per year from the stock market. But stocks are risky and selection of stocks requires knowledge and intuition


ETFs are exchange-traded funds; think of them as a stock market basket of stocks. This fund, created by some of the finance companies or banks, is used to purchase and sell stocks. In the stock market, their net asset value (NAV) is taken into account. So, if you buy an ETF, you will own all of the stocks that are included in that ETF.


REITs are REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST, Banks and investment companies creates this fund. and as name implies this fund works in investment in Property . These companies Purchase property from this fund and they give dividend from the Rental Income of Fund

Bank Investment Plans

These are investment Policies in which bank or company invest on the behalf of you and give you a lumpsum amount at the end of the period, EFU is an example of such company, they provide you the insurance policy [Takaful] and invest money on behalf of you. Usually return is 8-12%

Investment in Business

Investment in anyone business is good opportunity but the main risk in this type is credibility of person in which you are investing. You can get undetermined returns, upto 50% is achievable, but this type is risky.


Cow Farm

One can invest in farming, purchase cows. Hire someone to take care of animals. Sale their dairy products and cover the expenses. It can give you your own dairy products or meat


Finaicial Freedom - Agriculture

Hire someone to prepare the land and do all the work. There is an initial investment required for land on lease and an initial cost for sowing the seeds. However, there are only two growing seasons in a year. You invest one season, and the crop sale covers your expenses for the next season, and the crop sale of the second season is your profit. Usually, profit is around 70–80% per year.

Conclusion – Achieve Financial Freedom

if we conclude this article. we need to

  1. Make mutiple passive income streams that take care of your kitchen expenses
  2. keep reserve fund for 6 month and next level 2 years
  3. Get insurance policy for yourself.
  4. Start investing and keep growing

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