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Free Internet Paid Surveys Tips


Free internet paid surveys are fun and simple ways to make money online. But not everyone knows the secrets to maximize the use of surveys for a consistent income stream. This is especially so if you are a newbie who has never tried doing an internet paid survey. This article will reveal some tips that hopefully would help you make the best out of free internet internet paid surveys.

Tip 1 – Use Auto Form Filler Like Mozilla Plug-in or RoboForm

These auto form fillers are useful when you register at the market research companies that offer free internet paid surveys. Basically, they will store up your particulars such as address, email address, preferred username, password, etc. When you sign up at each survey site, the form filler would auto-populate the form fields. Registration is much easier and faster and you do not have to copy and paste the details. RoboForm offers a free trial but limits you to the number of stored login websites. Consider buying a full version so that when you log into each survey site, it will automatically fill and submit the login details for you.

Tip 2 – Register with As Many Free Internet Paid Surveys Sites

This is important. Be a registered member of as many free internet paid survey sites as you can. This would ensure you get as many surveys to do as possible. Many survey takers like yourself miss this point and end up disappointed at the lack of available surveys.

Tip 3 – Check As Many Hobbies and Interests

Very often, the survey companies would profile you at the time of sign-up. This is to screen you so that whenever suitable surveys are available, you can be invited. Try to check as many hobbies and interests boxes so that your chances of qualifying for more surveys are improved. But be honest and do not cheat.

Tip 4 – Remember to Check in On Your Email Address

The email invitations would come in at any time of the day. So be sure to check in as frequently as possible. Since the free internet paid surveys always require a fixed number of participants, it is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Be an early bird!

Tip 5 – Participate Even if There is No Cash Rewards

There is a reason why you need to do as many free internet paid surveys even if there is no cash reward. Some of the survey sites award points which can be accumulated and redeemable for cash in the future. There are others that want you to show your commitment first before they open better paying opportunities to you. This is understandable as people often get distracted and this is no good for the online paid survey company.

Tip 6 – Use a Ready Survey Company Listing

You can find the survey companies either through manual searches on the internet or purchase compiled listing of online survey companies. There are probably thousands of market research companies that offer free internet paid surveys. It is a mixed basket of good and the no-so-good companies. Manual searching obviously is time consuming and results are never guaranteed. Compiled listing, on the other hand, records a list of established and trusted online survey companies that have paid out consistently to their survey takers.

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