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If you want to traffic and money, you have to give your target customers something in return. In this article we are going to talk about helping your audience for free and how you can use that to generate traffic and ultimately money for your online business.

Free Ways to Make Money Online using eHow.com Tip Number One: help them with things you are expert on

Try to offer help in your area of expertise, the area that your online business is concerned with. This has two benefits, your readers get the expert help they needed, and you get the publicity and traffic you need. Everybody wins!

Free Ways to Make Money Online using eHow.com Tip Number Two: Use pictures if possible

Pictures are a great way to help simplify complex subjects, if the subject calls for it, use pictures, but don’t use them just for the sake of it. If you overload your eHow.com article with pictures it will take time to load and users may wander off or just get bored and quit.

Free Ways to Make Money Online using eHow.com Tip Number three: don’t advertise

Don’t use eHow.com to overtly advertise your online business, this will just make you look like a spammer and your account may be canceled. Your advice should be focused on helping the reader first, then pointing out that if the reader wants more specialized help, he or she can always visit your online business’s website and get all the help they want.

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