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Introducing Positive Aspects of the Internet

Living in the era of the Internet gives contemporary parents more alternatives in regard to the sources of information they can obtain for teaching their children. More alternatives of teaching methods which are more attractive and interactive in their presentation are available to present-day parents and teachers. Accompanying that facility is more potential and more easily accessible dangers such as pornography, gambling, and internet scams which are only one or two clicks away from our children. The aforementioned potential dangers must be smartly and creatively avoided by duly introduce our young children to the positive and creative uses of the Internet.

One of the most widely conducted internet-based activities by many young internet users of the day is building web-based networking for the purpose of either establishing friendship or dating. This kind of activity is greatly enhanced by the presence of interesting program such friendster, myspace, mIRC, yahoo messenger, and various other networking and chatting facilities offered by the Internet. This activity has both positive and negative aspects. One of the positive aspects is teaching young internet users to make friends and form a global network of friendship which is hard for them to do without internet facility. So, what is dangerous about it? Of course, making friends itself is positive and valuable and there is no danger about it. What is dangerous is not the activity but with whom the activity is established. Most working parents are unaware of this potential danger because they are busy working while their children are surfing the Internet without their supervision and guidance.

Since using the Internet is almost impossible to avoid and internet literacy is a must to young people today, there is no other alternative for today’s parents and teachers but to guide their children and students in using the Internet by promptly introduce them to the positive aspects of the Internet as soon as they start using it. For example, we can tell them that the network of friendship established by using the Internet has economic value and can bring about income for them if they know how to use it. The larger the network grows the higher the economic value of the network. Teach them how to direct their internet based friendship and network of friendship towards positive activities by making it a tool for sharing their work of writing, results of simple research conducted at school, and ways of starting an affordable home-based business. They will love the activities and be addicted to using the net in a positive way.

Warning Young Internet Users of Possible Dangers

Before they are accidentally exposed to them, parents and teachers need to warn their children and students about the possible dangers that internet users may face and be victimized by if they do not know of their existence. Among the dangers threatening young internet users are pornography, gambling, and internet scamming. Our children and students need to know these in order to be able to avoid them. Because the modus operandi of internet crimes are plenty, our children need to be reminded to be constantly aware of the new methods which maybe used by internet criminals to prey upon them. One easy way to get them constantly keep abreast with the latest development of internet crimes is to have them subscribe to some websites which specialize on publishing newsletters on the subject of internet crimes.

It is a good idea to provide our children or students with examples of the victims of internet crimes in the forms of stories and pictures which can be found on the Net. Teach them to research any internet-based business which they are interested in joining so that they will be saved from being victimized by abundant internet scams in the forms of hundreds of HYIPs floating on the Net. Tell them that nobody gets rich by joining such programs. Most of the HYIPs do not pay back their investors. Although they may pay at the beginning, it is merely intended to seduce them to invest more. Tell them that in the last 2 years the author of this article has tried five of those HYIPs and none of them paid, not even one single cent was returned as ROI. All those HYIPs pretend as if they have a money machine which can double or triple your money overnight. It is all bullshit. The owners of the HYIPs are mostly just scoundrels who have a trap in the form of attractively and convincingly looking website ready to trap their victims. Do not be stupid by experimenting to invest so that you can feel the taste of being cheated. It is certainly not nice to be cheated, just learn from the experiences of others without making yourself a victim.

Guiding Them to Monetize the Net

Getting your children addicted to monetizing the Net is a lot better than letting them surf the Net uselessly. At present, you do not have to spend much money to get your children learn how to start monetizing the Net. Instead of letting them be victimized by thousands of HYIPs, you had better teach them how to create their own blogs, have them join and promote free money making programs. Having them involve in the economic-oriented activities using the Net will help prepare them to be financially independent before they graduate from college or high school. When they succeed with their internet-based entrepreneurship, it can be guaranteed that they will not be involved the rat race competition of hunting conventional jobs and tying themselves up with the chain which takes their parents decades to set themselves free of.


Source by Majelis Abu Hamid

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