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How Can an Online Article Author Write 5000 Articles in One Year?


Is it even possible for an online article author to write 5000 articles in one year? Yes it is and the reason I know is that I did it; Twice! Or actually I wrote 10,000 articles in 20 months and beat that neck-breaking pace, but I am not the only one with the ability to do this in fact let me let you in on a little secret here.

You know a person who is well versed in 30 Industries and read thousands of books and experienced a life time of endeavors and has a good Voice Recognition system can easily put out 12,000 words a day. I have averaged before 16,800 words a day for weeks at a time using the one-title, one-paragraph, 3-sentences while it is fresh in my mind method, then gone back and finished them all off, with voice. And 3-4 minute read through edit and post. I simple considered it about creativity and production.

Someone recently told me that with a team of 20 writers that they could write 13,000 articles in one year. Well I am pretty certain I personally could do that myself, so I do not deny it could be done. Sure it could be done, but talk is cheap, the number to beat is 10,000 and climbing. Perhaps mid February it will be 11,111 as that is when I will have written 1,111 more articles and so good luck catching me even with your 12-20 writers I told them.

You see, even cheating, it would be a feat in its self. Oh and I am originally from Missouri, if that means anything to you? In other words Show Me! Indeed one might say, I should be humble about all this, but why? The facts are what they are and so I would like to see a group of authors match me. And even if they did that still means a 10:1 or 20:1 ratio and one has to wonder what it all means? I hope this article propels thought in 2007.


Source by Lance Winslow

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