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How Can I Make Money Online With Free Paid Surveys?


Trying to find a way to make money online can be a very tedious task to do. Especially when trying to find a good free paid survey site. There are many different get paid to sites out there and new sites are made almost every day. So how do you know which websites will pay? There’s actually a very easy rule of thumb for this question.

The sites that have been around a long time are a very easy giveaway that it’s a legitimate company. Also, you should never have to pay to join any GPT site. There may be some out there that charge a membership and won’t scam you, but it’s not recommended to go online and try to find these places. Most that are charging a membership fee aren’t a legit company.

There really is no need to pay a membership fee anyway. There are so many out there that are completely free to join. Once you have found a free site to join you want to look at how many different ways they have to make money online. Most of them out there will only have surveys or offers to do and this is an obvious case that it’s not a good site to use.

Also, a lot of those types of websites will only have a couple offers to do and you’ll have to wait extended periods of time for them to add more offers. You want to look for the ones that have huge pages of offers and at least 4 different surveys you can take daily. Another indicator of a bad get paid to site is that they’ll have a very high payout.

You need to use the ones that have a minimum payout of $20 or less. Anything higher than that isn’t worth anyone’s time to use. If they say they pay by PayPal or check that is another great sign it’s a legit place to use. Many out there will only pay people in points and those points can only be used to get gift cards. With free paid survey sites you want the ones that will pay you in actual cash.

Plus many of the ones that pay in real money will give an option for gift cards if you want them. There are so many individuals that think they’ll make a good living from get paid to sites too. Today many of them have affiliate programs to make a living from, but you won’t make a living from just doing offers. It’s literally designed to make an extra income while on your computer.

You will make money online with it, but no one should ever think they’ll make a living doing it. A good way to think about it is that it will pay for everyday things that can drain your pocket cash. For instance it can fund the gas for your car or pay for some toys for your kids on holidays. Just always keep in mind that the websites that have more than just free paid surveys are the sites to use.


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