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How Can I Make Money Online Writing Articles? SEO Writing


When looking to make money online writing articles, you need to know the basics of SEO keyword writing. This is the key in the making money online part of writing articles. The article needs to be the first one that appears when the keywords are being searched online. For this text, as an example, “Can I Make Money Online” is going to be the keyword.

When you write an article for your website, you want other people to see it. That is the whole point of writing it. You should promote your site on as many social media channels as possible, even email it to bloggers. However, you need to get reach the people that are searching the internet using engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Ask!. The best part about this is that doing so is free.

This is how it works. You start writing your article 400-500 words or more and in it you add keywords that the audience you are trying to reach, is going to look for. Making money online is very popular these days, so if you are writing an article on making money online, the first question that the prospect is going to ask is “Can I make money online?” why not add that in there? You can also add in the keywords make money online free, or make money online now in the article wherever you please. As long as it makes sense to the reader and you are still producing high quality work, it can only benefit you.

You want to use these keywords in your title first and foremost. Then you want to repeat them at least three times in the body of each paragraph, if possible. Do not put them back to back, and do not sound like you are repeating yourself. This will make the prospect feel like they are being scammed. You also want to place it anywhere in the conclusion of the article. Just to remind them what it is that they were looking for.

When the keywords are searched, if you placed enough in the body of your paragraph and have a nice traffic rate, you will see that your site moves up on the search list and give you a greater chance of being seen by more and more prospects. Again since making money online is a big thing, this can mean the difference between 1 person viewing and thousands of people viewing your site. If you are running a pay 2 click site this could be a great opportunity for you.

SEO keywords play a very important role in writing articles. If you write articles for money, this should be a major part of your plan to get people to view and read your articles for their information. Prospects are only looking to read the articles that contain information that is truly relevant to them. If you are focusing on one main key idea, keywords are the easiest way to make sure that your content is viewed by the proper people, and search engines are the way most choose to find their information. There is nothing worse than searching for making money online free and getting a page where you have to pay for everything that you see.


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