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How Internet Network Marketers Are Successfully Replacing The Old Unpopular Network Marketing Model


With the new model of attraction marketing, gone are the days of chasing leads via offensive and invasive marketing techniques or expensive promotional advertising. Today, it is all about letting qualified, targeted leads come to you. This is done through internet marketing positioning that allows you to put yourself in front of people who are already seeking to either join you or your network marketing business opportunity.

To many prospective internet network marketers, including myself, thought this system was offensive and hardly duplicatable. I was a marketer for Herbalife for three months after I had been laid off from my job following 9/11. I was required to buy product upfront and then turn around and offload it to customers. Problem was, I wasn’t a salesman nor did I have any training in marketing. I spent a fortune printing up flyers to put on vehicles in parking lots. Most of the time, I was run off by the store managers and the vehicle owners. I cold called leads using phone scripts and was hung up on time and time again. I attended all the meetings, hotel functions and downline house parties where I was told to pitch a phony success story. I trolled my warm market. Pretty soon, I started to alienate both my friends and my family members. I became so disillusioned with the whole process, I quit with a closetful of product still sitting on my shelf. I ended up using it myself or giving it away to anyone who wanted it. At the time I was collecting unemployment so I could ill afford the monetary loss.

Unfortunately, however, I was in a rather desperate situation and jobs were hard to come by. The whole experience left me with a very bitter after taste in my mouth and I became very distrustful of the whole work from home idea. I also realized at the same time, however, that if I was to ever be free of Corporate America and its roller coaster rides, I had to be in business for myself. Being laid-off is no picnic and with mounting bills and debt, I had to find something.

I have over the years, tried a few Internet Marketing Opportunities but they too fell under the old marketing model umbrella that I loathed. Once you got past the very convincing sales pitch, you learned the actual lead generation process required you to either place ads in the newspaper or risk losing your shirt with Google AdSense. I had no idea what SEO ranking or Keywords were. The upline coaching and training were abysmal. I became lost in the sea of information and drifted in a fog of confusion and helplessness. I gave up on the whole idea and settled for my Job to bring in what I hoped would remain a steady pay check.

It was only recently that I have started looking at the whole internet marketing business opportunity industry again. To my surprise, I found that the whole process had been turned upside down on the it’s head and a new sheriff was in town, Attraction Marketing. Finally, Network marketers had realized that the old model was counter productive. They were losing more prospects than they were gaining. Upon further research, attraction marketing resonated with me. Now here was a concept I could grasp. The best part was you operated on a system where you helped and guided people instead of beating them over the head with a hammer. How cool was that! So here I am today turning over a new leaf and sharing my experience with you!

This new attraction marketing model, now allows you to generate more targeted leads in a day, than you could possibly hope to scrounge up in a week soliciting your neighbors. Prospects seeking information on business opportunities are doing so on the internet through Google and other major search engines. By providing them with free valuable problem solving solutions to their pain, you have now gained their trust, built a relationship and created a loyal following for your business.

The focus has shifted from you to the prospect since the ultimate decision rests in their hands. You are no longer chasing them, instead they are choosing to follow in your footsteps. Attraction marketing forces prospects to become leaders, removes the aspect of selfishness the old network marketing model promoted and embraces the philosophy of giving before taking. It does take a bit of effort to set the groundwork and to link everything together so that it becomes a well oiled machine, but with the right training and guidance it can be very easily done.

The biggest advantage to attraction marketing, is that in an era of economic hardship, anyone with the heart and desire to become financially independent of Corporate America, can now do so without the unwelcome soliciting pre-requisites of pitching a product.


Source by Amy S Winkler

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