How to dropshipping on Amazon in 2023

Dropshipping on Amazon is another way of online business in 2022. Want to start selling on Amazon but don’t want to invest a lot of time or money in the process? Enter: Amazon dropshipping!

If you ask a seasoned e-commerce seller for advice on how to start selling things online without spending a fortune or a lot of time, odds are excellent that they’ll suggest dropshipping as the best course of action.

The following topics covered in this article:

  1. Consider recent developments
  2. How does Amazon dropshipping operate?
  3. The benefits and drawbacks of Amazon dropshipping
  4. How to start Amazon dropshipping
  5. Five recommendations for dropshipping on Amazon with success

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Consider Recent Developments

Make sure you completely comprehend Amazon’s dropshipping policies before starting a dropshipping business there to avoid your account suspended. Amazon reminded all sellers in Seller Central on May 21, 2021, that they had updated their policy page to ensure that they fully understood the severe rules governing dropshipping on Amazon.

You risk losing your ability to sell through FBM if you break the rules in any manner, and your account might possibly suspended.

The following rules followed in order to use a drop shipper to fill orders:

  • All invoices, packing slips, exterior packaging, and other documentation given with or accompanying the product must clearly identify you as the vendor. Your manufacturer or supplier shouldn’t be mentioned.
  • Accepting and processing returns invoices is your responsibility.
  • According to the seller agreement, you must abide by all of Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Never, I say never, never buy things from another online shop and have them shipped to your consumer. You will be suspended by Amazon for doing this, which is a big no-no.

For Example: You put a Bluetooth Speaker up for sale on Amazon. You buy the same item from after a customer buys it on Amazon, then you enter the client’s shipping information. The package that the Amazon client receives has Walmart identification marks on it. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

Customers highly confused and irate if they receive a shipment from Walmart after ordering from Amazon. Instead, you can engage in a strategy known as “retail arbitrage,” in which you buy something from another store, like Walmart, and then resell it on Amazon – provided that there is no mention of Walmart on the packing slip or the product itself.

How does Amazon dropshipping operate?

Dropshipping is an online sales strategy where the seller accepts orders on behalf of a supplier, distributor, or manufacturer. The seller then employs their supplier to fulfil those sales when a customer purchases the product.

Dropshippers frequently rebrand the products they sell as their own, so the final customer is never made aware that the products were purchased directly from the manufacturer. On e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, this behaviour is common.

And even though this may seem a little complicated, we’ve simplified it for you so you can better understand how it operates and how to begin dropshipping in 2022.

  1. The first step is for an Amazon client to buy the item you’ve put there.
  2. Second, you buy the item directly from the supplier and give them the customer’s information after the deal is completed and you receive the money.
  3. The supplier then sends the product to the client after gathering the buyer’s information.

Dropshipping is only one of several ways to launch an Amazon business. Wholesale, private label, retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and bookselling are some additional well-like and possibly more profitable ways to offer goods on Amazon.

Arbitrage is when you buy cheap goods from other retail businesses and resell them on Amazon. Private label is a way of producing your own products to sell on Amazon. Wholesaling is when you buy goods at a bulk rate from a supplier to resell to another retailer or distribute as a retailer yourself.

The benefits and drawbacks of Amazon dropshipping

Low start-up costs

Dropshipping does not necessitate the ownership of your own inventory, in contrast to other well-liked e-commerce strategies like private label and wholesaling. Instead, you just utilise a portion of the money received from the sale’s consumer payment to buy the item from the supplier and have it delivered to your buyer.


Quick to setup

When dropshipping on Amazon, you don’t need to have your own inventory, therefore the setup is quick and simple. After all, you are not required to wait for the manufacturing or shipping of your inventory to the fulfilment centre. It’s all set to go. You only require a sale!

Business fully automated

Online, there are several plugins and tools that let you fully automate dropshipping on Amazon. Due to this, you may run your dropshipping business virtually entirely without any involvement from you.

Dropshipping permitted on Amazon

The dropshipping policy on Amazon states that it “is generally acceptable.” Just be sure to adhere to Amazon’s specific dropshipping instructions.


Dropshipping has several drawbacks to take into account, as appealing as it may sound in terms of advantages.


Dropshipping has extremely low entry barriers, which can lead to intense rivalry. There is also no restriction on other Amazon sellers offering identical things, even though there is some potential for differentiation with the goods you are selling.

Price is therefore one of the few levers you may use to differentiate yourself from competitors, which may result in a “race to the bottom.”

Delayed Delivery

Most of the time, the suppliers and manufacturers ship the products that dropshipped on Amazon. These vendors are frequently located abroad.

Because of this, shipping dates from vendors in other countries can take up to weeks to reach.

How to start Dropshipping

Here’s how to start up as a dropshipper now that you’ve learned a little more about dropshipping on Amazon and how it functions.

Step 1: Setup Amazon Seller Account

Dropshipping on Amazon

You must have an Amazon seller account in order to sell on the site. Visit to obtain one. There, Amazon will give you the option to choose between the individual or professional account type as your initial account type.

Step 2: Find high Demand and Low Competetion Product

Despite the fact that you may have your own metrics to utilise to locate such products, I suggest beginning with the following standards:

  • 200-400 units are sold each month.
  • Competition should be set to “extremely low” or “low.”
  • Set the average monthly cost between $10 and $45.
  • Make the niche score 7+.

You should have a great deal of product opportunities to go at across all categories as a result.

Additionally, I advise keeping things basic when just getting started. For beginners, the categories of housewares, sports & outdoors, and patio, home & garden are all excellent choices because they often require little upkeep.

Step 3: To find out if the product is available, visit a website like Aliexpress

You must locate a source once you have a few product ideas.

Aliexpress is the site with the most connections to dropshipping products. It’s a business-to-business platform that connects online store owners with vendors that want to dropship their products.

Simply enter the search criteria for the item you want to sell, and a range of goods will appear, much like on Amazon.

When you click on one, a lot of information is shown to you. You can see from the aforementioned example that the notebook/agenda planner costs $3.22 and comes with free shipping to the US (and shipping is free).

Additionally, the product comes with 60-Day Buyer Protection from the seller. (However, remember that it will take more than a month to deliver.

Contact the supplier in advance to confirm they won’t ship orders with their company details when you use Aliexpress to complete your dropshipping orders. That is against Amazon policy.

Step 4: Create an Amazon listing

You must build an Amazon product listing after you have a product idea and a supplier to make it happen.

Go to Inventory > Add a product from your Seller Central account. Click “Inventory > Add a product” when the Add a Product window appears. “Create a new product listing” should be clicked when the Add a Product screen appears.

You must first select your product category. Following that, you will need to complete the listing’s specific details.

Don’t forget to factor in Amazon fees when choosing a price for your dropshipped product. Depending on the category, you will pay an 8–15% referral fee if you are a professional seller. Additionally, individual sellers pay an extra $1.00 every sale.

On their Selling on Amazon charge schedule, Amazon provides more information about costs per category.

Five recommendations for dropshipping on Amazon with success

Publicize your listing

You need to increase traffic to your product listing in order to increase sales. There are several ways to accomplish this.

First, there is Amazon Pay-Per-Click, their internal sponsorship scheme (PPC). PPC allows you to construct product advertising that boost your product’s ranking in Amazon’s search results for specified keywords.

Following that, you can promote your Amazon product listing through outside channels like Facebook advertisements, social media, blogging, email marketing, etc. Even if it takes a little longer to get started with this strategy if your brand doesn’t already have a following, it can help you set your product apart from that of your rivals.

Concentrate on the client

Dropshipping on Amazon allows you to avoid many of the challenging aspects of running your own business. Your product does not need to be produced or shipped by you. Simply making sure the consumer receives it and is satisfied is all that is required.

Therefore, with dropshipping, you can devote more of your time to providing customer support than you would otherwise spend managing your firm.

Put your brand first.

Dropshipping’s main drawback, as I mentioned above, is that you will be selling a product over which you will have no ultimate control over its creation or design. The same supplier will also be available to other sellers.

You no longer have much of a competitive advantage as a result. You should therefore concentrate on the brand.

Obtain samples

Make sure you understand what you’re selling before you list your goods. Take the plunge and place an advance order for a unit. Better yet, if you can accomplish this without the provider discovering that you might be a dropshipper.

Examine the sample when it is received. How did it appear when it first came? What was the time frame? Did the goods match the descriptions?

Once you begin dropshipping on Amazon, all of these minor details will assist you in anticipating how your consumers will get the product.

Set up a big network

It’s much simpler for you to cast a wide net with dropshipping because there are no start-up expenditures. In other words, you can list multiple items at once.

Some will fail. Many will be successful. Just focus on what works more and eliminate the rest.

Are You Ready to Sell on Amazon

This article should have inspired you to either launch your first Amazon business or expand an existing one. Please leave us a comment if you have any more queries or thoughts about dropshipping on Amazon. For more article abount Online maoney makeing, visit our page Financial Freedom

Happy Amazon!

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