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How to Increase Your Ability to Earn


There is no question that there is a correlation between wealth and income. The more money you make, the easier it may be to save. Hence, it is imperative to improve on your ability to generate more income.

Below are tips to help increase your ability to earn more;

1). Invest in Yourself.

While you might not be able to determine your salary, you can work at increasing your income by improving your education. Take steps to become a professional in the field you are in. Search for courses online you can use to boost your resume.

“work hard on your Job, you get paid for your time, work hard on yourself you get paid for value”

Merge your new qualifications with excellent performance at work to get the desired promotion and increase. If it doesn’t seem to come in your present employment you can start scouting for a new job elsewhere.

2). Develop Multiple income Streams

Do you presently rely on a single source of income? If you do, it’s time to start trying to develop multiple income sources. You can start by getting a part-time job. An accountant can seek out small businesses to help with their books for a fee; A teacher can get paid for home tutoring etc. in whatever field you find yourself, the watch word is improvisation.

3). Learn a New Trade.

You can learn a new trade (fashion designing, event management, makeover etc) and start a home based part-time business selling your services to your network of friends. This way you can keep your day job and still earn extra income from these activities.

4). Start an Online Business

With all the reviews and reports of people earning substantial amounts online, I think its an option worthy of consideration. You should however do a thorough research, don’t be quick to pay for any course or buy any material on making money online.

If you ask my opinion, I think you should consider only options where you don’t have to invest any money, at least at the moment. All you’ll need to invest are those loose time you usually have at home after work and weekends. Try to get all the resources and reading materials online for free.

5). Network Your Way to Wealth.

If you are an entrepreneur you need to improve on your networking skills. Seek out and make good use of events or organizations that allows for networking of attendees or members. Be prepared before attending such events, preparing might involve determining beforehand how you’ll strike up a conversation and fuel such conversation to the extent that you can create a relationship with at least 2 persons per networking events. These individuals will turn out to be your doors to different segments of your market.

6). Target the Wealthy.

Wealthy customers have the potential to pay more for your service as opposed to low income earners. Hence, set as part of your marketing campaign getting at least 2 new affluent customers every month.

7). Sell More to an Existing Customer.

Statistics shows that it’s a lot easier selling more to an existing customer that selling to a new prospect. So start brainstorming on complementary products or services you can sell to your customers. Due to the trust they have in you, they are likely to buy from you than try some other new supplier they really haven’t used before. You can lay your hands on this book by MATT OECHSLI: “The Art of Selling to the Affluent.” Made a good read for me… it should for you too.


Source by Amos Agboro

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