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How to Know If a Man Will Propose – Signs He’s Ready to Commit to You Forever


When we fall helplessly in love with a man many of us start to envision what it will feel like to marry him and live our lives together. It’s understandable to want a committed future with the man you adore and most women expect that before long their boyfriend will pop the ultimate question. Not all men are on the same timeline as their women are and if you’ve been dating for months or even years without much talk about the future, it can become disheartening. Constantly worrying about whether or not he will ever commit to you is difficult. If you are wondering how to know if a man will propose to you, there are some signs in his behavior that indicate he’s also got marriage on his mind.

When a man is contemplating getting engaged he’s going to be much more focused on his financial situation. Single men tend to have a fairly loose view of their financial future. They may have a savings account, they typically rent and they haven’t really planned on any sort of retirement portfolio. As soon as a man starts to believe that he’s found the woman he wants to marry, that will all change. He’ll start putting money away for a down payment on a home and he may even start small college funds for his future children. He’s also busy planning on how he’ll pay for an engagement ring. If your guy suddenly seems more concerned with how he’s spending his money and if he’s more interested in interest rates, you may have a marriage proposal in your near future.

Another indicator that a man is starting to think more about you two as a couple and less about himself as a bachelor is he’ll begin planning for the future for the two of you. Spotting this subtle change in a man’s state of mind isn’t always easy, but there are a few clues you should be on the lookout for. If he uses the words “us” and “we” more frequently than he uses the words “I” or “me” in relation to future plans, he sees you as a fundamental part of his life going forward. He may also talk about what he hopes you two will be doing next year or the year after. Also, if a man ever says something like “when we have kids” you know that he definitely sees you as his wife in the very near future.


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