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How to Make Money Blogging – Free Traffic and Backlink to Blog


Before you begin to start this idea of blogging to make money, you must have a lot of patience. I recommend using Blogger.com to make your blog. It is very simple to use, and the basic layouts are great for your viewers to see. If you are planning to make money, do not use the standard free URL that Blogger gives you, for example, yourblog.blogspot.com. It does not look professional, and search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) do not like that. You can spend $10 to buy a domain name, and that will last you a year, but you can always renew it.

Now you have a blog, you need to submit your blog to a bunch of search engines. The three big search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN. You can submit to other search engines as you wish. This is a very important step because most of your blog’s traffic will come from search engines. Again, in my very first sentence, I had mentioned that you need a lot of patience because getting your blog indexed to search engines might take weeks or months.

Sign up for networking websites. A few popular ones are Delicious, Twitter, and StumbleUpon. You can search for people with similar blogs as you. If you are blogging about making money, search for people who are also blogging about how to make money. Add them to your network, and some of them will add you back to their network. Don’t expect everyone you add to your network to add you back into their network. Also, visit these people’s blogs and make some intellectual comments. Do not just say, “great blog!”

Post in your blog frequently. If you want to make money, you have to get in the habit of posting a lot in your blog. Make sure you ping your blog every time you have a new post. A good ping site is pingomatic.com. Basically, they will help you announce to other people that your blog has been updated. Sign up to feedburner.com too because they are a great source to spread the words out about your blog. However, feedburner.com does not like inactive blogs so make sure you post frequently.

Try to write an original article at least once a week that is not in your blog, and then submit that article to a high pageranking ezine publishing website. Do not copy and paste an article from your blog because search engines do not like duplicates. The purpose of publishing articles to these websites is to get readers to visit your website and get good quality backlinks.

Make sure you have an e-mail address up top somewhere in your blog because once you get a lot of traffic to your site, there will be people trying to contact you about advertising on your site. This is very important! If people cannot contact you, you will be missing out opportunities to make money. After all, your blog is about making money. Sign up for Google AdSense for additional income. Set it up to be somewhere up top in your blog, but don’t make a giant billboard Google ads because viewers find those annoying. Just a little box would be fine.

Things to remember: Submit your blog to search engines, network with others, post in your blog frequently, make your e-mail address easily viewable in your blog, submit original articles to ezine publishing websites, and have patience because this takes time.


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