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How to Make Money Online As an Article Writer – Get Paid to Write Articles Online


Article writing or content creation is currently a very popular way of making money online for free, as there are many people often looking to get simple documents created either for use on their website, or on an article website.

As many webmasters will tell you, content is king. Not all website owners have time to create their own content for their site, or for the article directories (which are seen as a very popular way of bringing in traffic to their site). Website owners have to deal with various other tasks of maintaining their website, so they often see article writers as an easy alternative, and a way to sharing their workload.

This means that a lot of website owners require new articles created all the time. These articles will obviously be based on the subject of their website, and considering the broad range of types of websites available on the Internet, you can guarantee that you will be able to write about a subject which someone needs written about for their site.

To be an article writer you need to have good understanding of the language that the article will be written in (usually English) and ideally you should have an average or good speed of writing and accuracy (some people might need work done to a deadline, plus it will help you to make more money if you can write much faster).

Usually it is webmasters and site owners that need content created – and so a popular place to find article writing jobs, or content creation opportunities, is on webmaster forums. Some of the most popular website owner forums which have their own section dedicated to content creation are digital point forums and webmaster forums.

The money which you can earn from article writing is fairly limited, although you are the author and the website owners need you, there is a lot of people willing to do this kind of work (sometimes in poorer countries) meaning that the prices of working are very competitive. However if you are a real expert and a professional writer, you will probably be able to charge any sort of price that you like, but if you are a standard writer you might only expect to earn around £5 for an hours work – which still isn’t too bad.

There are many websites advertising the need for article writers, usually the best way to find these sites is by searching the search engines for website owner forums. As long as you have a good standard of English and knowledge of the subject that is required (as well as access to a Paypal account so that you can be sent money) then you should have no problem with making money online as an article writer.


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