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How to Make Money Online – Be a Blogger


Blogging is probably one of the least complicated ways to start making money online. All you have to do is head over to blogger and set up your very own blog. It can be on any topic you choose. One thing I always tell people when they are first starting to blog is to blog about topics they know and understand. This makes it easy for you to constantly add new content to your blog.

And when you constantly add new content to your blog you keep people and the search engines coming back to your site often. In the long run all of this will equal more money in your pocket.

How Exactly Do You Make Money From Your Blog

The easy answer to this is by placing advertisement on your blog. You can go sign up with Google AdSense and every time someone clicks on one of your links, you will get paid. Some people make thousands and thousands and month from Google AdSense alone. I also encourage you to make money by referring your readers to other products or services. In this instance you would be known as an affiliate marketer.

You would need to sign up with one or several of the affiliate networks so you can have stuff to promote. Depending on your audience, you could very well be able to pull in thousands a month from your blog as well. When it boils down to it, its all about providing your readers with good, valuable content on a regular basis. When you do, you will have no problem turning your blog into a cash sucking machine.


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