How to make money online Free

How to make money online free – Everyone craves to get answer for this Question. we will discuss 14 ways in this Post on how to make money online free. Everything has a price ofcourse and making money is also not completely free. but by proper training and learning you can make maoney for almost free. so lets get started.

1. Blogging

How to make money online Free

Kissmetrics , QuickSprout , HelloBar and Crazy Egg are some of the most successful blogs on internet which makes its creator Neil Patel most credible blogger. In 2014, Forbes listed him as top marketing expert having Net Assets more than 30 Million Dollars. Neil Patel is an example of successful bloggers in world. it shows that if you do blogging propoerly than you can make a lot of money from it.

What is Blogging and how to make money online free of cost. Answer to that question is; Blogging is simply a websitein which there is a lot of information. some bloggers explains thier point of view on some topics. Some blogs have discussion forums. Thats how a blogger remains in contact with its readers

For Complete tutorial on blogging. See my Post; How to Blog to make Money. In order to make money from blogging, start your blog, when you have enough traffic. Monetize it and you will start earning easy Money. If you use builtin websites for blog like or wordpress than there is no investment required. hence first answer to how to make money online free; is blogging. but in blogger or wordpress you didnt get your own domain free and it is difficult to rank blog on these websites. if you Purchase website than it is easier to Monetize.

2. Launch Your Youtube Channel


Do You Know that the most successful Youtube channel earned 26 Million Dollars in 2019? Channel Name is Ryan’s World. This channel is set of videos of kid, who is playing with different toys. Right now in 2022 it has more than 33 Million Subscribers. This one exmple shows that money can be earn through youtube also. and you dont need any special equipment to record videos. you can use your mobile to record videos and make money.

YouTube is replacing mainstream media now a days. For Complete tutorial, See How to make money from youtube. You make your google account and sign in to youtube. Google and YouTube have same credentials. And SignUp for Channel. In order to Moentize your channel, it should have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hrs watchtime in one year. You can also sale your products through your channel.

3. Record your PodCast


Padcast is actually audio blogging. It was officially started in 2004. Initially Podcast were for only iPods. Now a days it is used for audio content broadcasting. In Perfect audio Podcast, Host discuss a topic deeply and he invites guests to discuss the topic. Secondly people dont have time to read, so Podcaster binds the people through audio content. In 2019, Podcast named ” The joe rogan experiance” earned 30 Million Dollars through his PodCast. and in 2019, more than 211,000 new Podasts has been launched. it is making his way in online media

Similar to Blogging, niche is very important aspect of Podcast. You have to have some audio editing skills to properly launch your PodCast. For Detailed and complete tutorial, see What’s a Podast. Some ways to make money from Podcasts are below

  • Request for Donations
  • Paid subscription for PodCast
  • Paid Podcasts
  • Sponsership for Podcast
  • Sale premeum episodes
  • Subscribe to Advertising Network
  • Sale your products on Podcast

There are as many ways to earn money from Podcast as much you can imagine. Content is very important in Podcast.

4. Freelance Writing


Freelancing is single people without any organization who work for you for some money. freelancing is not only for writing but there are hundreds of feilds, you can master and earn money. Freelancing is such a vast feild that i cannot cover it in one Post. each skill desrves seperate post. if you can write your imagination than you can earn from freelance writing.

In start freelance will not pay you good, but once your portfolio is completed and good, it can give you full time job. Some freelancers earn thousands of dollars by content writing. some of very good websites that gives you good money are below

WebsiteAmount per topic
Eat Your World35$ to 40$ per blog Orignal Post
A Fine Parentupto 75$
Free Lance Mom75$ to 100$
Christian Science Monitor200$ to 225$
Websites for Content Writing

You can also make your gig on Upwork and get work for content writing.

5. Transcription


Transcription is to convert audio into writing. It is to convert speech words into written words. In order to become transcriptor you should have fast typing speed, good punctuation. Transcription is paid in per hour rate. usual rate per hour for transcription is 80 to 100$. Some Transcription jobs websites are below

you can make account on these website and earn upto 90$ per hour jobs. for complete details on Transcription; See Transcription Online Jobs

6. Stock Photography


if you are interested in Photography then you can sale your pictures and earn money. Many websites sale your pictures and give you moeny after their commission. Every website and blog needs Quality Pictures in order to make their website good. You can provide this opprtunity to them and make money. below are some websites that Purchase your Photos

7. Ecommerce/Dropshipping

Internet age or information age has changed the style of shopping and corona has also affected the physical shopping habits. Now in this age online shopping is very trending. you can use same oportunity to make money. You have to start a new business ; an online businsess that is expandable in future. Don’t start business immidiately after reading an article on ecommerce. it will not help you.

Like all business, first make your feasiblility of business and then start the work. however below are some major type of ecommerce businees models that can be followed and worked on.

  1. B2B – it is system in which a business sells its products to another business. there is no retail in this type
  2. B2C – it is usuual system which is very in now a days. that is retail customers. like amazon.
  3. B2C – Business to Customer – according to this model, products are sold to specific class of customers, products which are very expensive.
  4. C2C – Customer sells diectly to cutomer – olx is best example of this kind of system

Now below are some types you can use to make money

  1. Drop-shipping: in dropshipping you take orders online and send all details to other supplier for delivery, or in other words you market some other products and take your profit on purchases. and are best examples for drop-shipping
  2. Warehousing/ wholeselling: this model requires huge investment, you recieve orders from drop-shippers and it is your responsiility to deliver all material
  3. Labelling: You can give the design of your product to manufacturer and make your label and sell.

for further details i have written detailed post on Dropshipping on Amazon and also i have made a complete guide on droshipping.

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