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How to Make Money Using Amazon


Even though it may seem quite hard to believe, but nearly anyone can easily make a decent amount of money using Amazon. The main reason behind why most people are not aware that such a possibility actually exists is mainly due to a lack of exposure. Majority of the individuals that make money online are known to be caught up in more common areas that nearly everyone uses such as eBay. Even though these websites have been known to also help make money in the long run, they have become quite saturated in terms of market competition.

The great thing about Amazon is that nearly 95% of the hard work is already done for you. Amazon is known to generate over a million clicks a month and is seen as one of the most respected and widely used web store portal online. Seeing as it already has a large market presence and may people would feel safe using it, one can easily use this to their advantage and start making money through Amazon. The approach you use will vary quite significantly depending on what you are already doing in the online market.

One of the possibilities that you can take advantage of is the Advantage program. What this program allows you to do is simply publish any book that you may have on Amazon for sale. The great thing is that it does not really matter whether you are selling your book anywhere else. As long as you own the rights over the book or you are the author, you will easily be able to take advantage of this program. All you will be required to do is visit their website and follow the steps accordingly.

Another service that you can make use of through Amazon is their affiliate program. This program basically allows you to promote certain products on Amazon’s site, through your own means. The approach that you could use could be via Google ad-words, forum posting, websites, social networking sites and the list goes on. Now you may be asking how this works. What you basically have to do is get people to buy certain products on Amazon by making them go through your link. This in result will earn you a commission for every sale that is made via your link.

One of the best services that one can make use of on Amazon is for those that are already selling a product online. The service is known as an aStore. Say for example you are selling footballs as a product or information on football as a sport generally. Using the aStore function, you can devise your own mini website on Amazon that will host every single product that is related to football. The link of this Amazon store that you have created can be posted on your original website. This will help you make use of the traffic that you are generating towards your website to sell more products other than your own. For each product that you sell on Amazon, you will automatically entitle yourself to a commission.


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