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How to Use Article Marketing to Earn Money Online?


Article marketing is a method you can use in order to make money online. Article marketing is done when an article has certain chosen keywords that tell about the content of the article. This is an effective way to promote the website and is a technique utilized by small and large businesses. Certain articles with specific keywords have specific readers.

The articles that you have can be posted and once it is up on the internet, it is basically free for the public to use. These articles can then become”link bait” for other sites. This can also be considered as back link. For example, you own a business that sells herbal products. You can write an article regarding your products or on the effectively of using herbal products. Others who have also written about your topic or are interested in it can then link their own post or blog to your article. In this way, there is also increased traffic. Plus, more viewers may be able to write their own comments which you can view too and advertise at the same time through a reply.

To learn how to make money online through article marketing, read on below to learn four tips. You will find that this strategy may be a big help on how to make money online.

Conduct a research on the best keywords to use.

You need to know what internet users would most likely write for a search engine. This requires research. If you do not have correct keywords, it is less likely that someone may see your article which will not help you in your pursuit to make money online.

Use Google Alert.

There are sites that can help on how to make money online through keyword-focused articles. You can use Google Alerts to know which keywords or articles are getting exposure.

Write good material to make money online.

Article sites that will allow you to do a post want to make sure that the content of the writing is good. A strong article will engage a reader and more will be drawn to your article when there is content which they can really use for their own purpose. It is equally important to place the keyword strategically to be effective on how to make money online. Take note that there may be some sites which can reject the article written; it could be for various reasons such as not meeting their quality content standards. For example, the article submitted might be lacking research or a certain number of words.

Be consistent.

If one consistently writes and submits, the higher potential of being known on the internet. This is another way that will aid to make money online. Over the internet, it is easy to be established as an expert on certain topics; the more articles you write, the more you also promote your work.


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