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If you are harboring some thoughts on venturing into online marketing in order to make money through the internet then you must be well equipped with the best internet marketing tools that can significantly boost your performance. Keep in mind that there are basically two main types of online marketing tools for you to use; the free tools and the paid ones.

The best option is definitely the paid ones since you can gain full access to the features of the product. This is ideal if you have certain ready amount to invest on marketing your products. However, if you are new to this kind of business and your initial capital is limited then there is nothing to worry about it since there are still many free internet marketing tools that can help you achieve your goals.

If you belong to this group of internet marketers, take note of the top free tools for marketing your services or products; these tools are essential and highly useful for your online business. Among the marketing tools that are free to use include Blogger, WordPress and other free blog platforms. Blogs in today’s world are vital to the success of many online businesses online. Blogs give you excellent opportunities to reach out to your clients by creating highly useful blog posts.

Aside from that, you can also use blogs as your temporary website; for the time being while you are still building enough money to afford maintaining websites. However, it is suggested to get your own website for the business in order to achieve greater results; but use of free blog platforms like Blogger is still best for the start.

Another vital online marketing tool that internet marketers must use is Google’s free keyword tool. Choosing the perfect set of keywords is crucial to your online business success; and you should correctly do it from the start. The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is one of the best free internet marketing tools for online marketers. This is highly useful and greatly beneficial to the achievement of internet marketing success.

There are still many other internet marketing tools for you to use. The free blogs and keywords research tools of Google are by no means the only tools that you should use, but they are greatly helpful in achieving online success without spending so much money to start your business.


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