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Is it Worth Reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind?


I bought T. Harv Eker’s bestselling book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind because I knew no millionaire was going to tell me his secrets. After all, who was I? A plain Jane stuck in the dull and poor world I laid out for myself. He must pity me, I thought, as I rubbed my hand over the embossed shiny cover. Intrigued, however, I did open it-and then I read.

He was crazy, I thought at first. How can a person’s attitude or thinking change their financial future? I wasn’t very far into chapter one when I realized that it was more like he was “speaking” to me than I was reading. Maybe this book did have something I could use to change my life. I read on.

My friend Linda first introduced me to Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. She’s moved away to Alaska now and the more I think of it, she doesn’t call much anymore. Now I know this book can help me. The last gift I received from Linda was from Tiffany’s and the card was signed in someone else’s handwriting. She had a personal shopper! Linda had shown me T. Harv Eker’s website long ago but now with book in hand, I was about to discover he would share his secret with me!

It was hard to put my finger on any one point in book that made realize what and how I could change my financial outlook. But the five biggest ones were:

o I had to identify my current blueprint of my financial life

o I had to change my blueprint for financial freedom and success

o I would feel different-confident and strong

o I would never have to work again

o I could buy Linda something from Tiffany’s too!

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind taught me that with T. Harv Eker’s tools and guidance and a little work from myself, I could change how I thought about my financial life. It was my biggest and basic problem. I had a mindset that was, “if my sister is bad, then I am bad.” Not true! Learning to change the how I looked at my financial future and forgetting the old stuff was probably the most important thing I learned from the book.

I immediately thought about my family and how the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind could help them too. We were all stuck in drudgery. We all needed the secret. It wasn’t hard, it worked and we could all be in the same boat. I’d be the most popular person in the family! I would not share it with my forever-negative Uncle Joe though; he was a slacker the day he was born. I knew this book would never help people like him.

There was one downside to Secrets of the Millionaire Mind-I was done reading and needed to start right away! But I realized I needed just a little more-more help from T. Harv Eker. That was simple; I could solve that problem, but maybe not! Would I have to just sit and wait until he came to my town for a seminar? I suddenly felt down.

Then I thought about the book and what it promised to do. I could start; I could do this on my own. I quickly logged on to Mr. Eker’s website and found other tools I could get overnight! I would have everything I needed to begin to change my financial future. I could go to the seminar when he came-that would just be the icing on the cake.

After I began utilizing Mr. Eker’s program, I could see light that my financial blueprint was on the rise. I would not always be stuck in this plain Jane world. I had to get the family involved-everyone except Uncle Joe. I had everyone over for dinner. At first they were skeptical-they didn’t have a college degree or weren’t society people. How quickly I turned them around with help from Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

I often wonder why my friend Linda didn’t just insist I read Secrets of a Millionaire Mind? She’s not the jealous keep-it-too-myself type. Finally, I realized that just like her, I needed to do this on my own. I was the one who needed to change-she already did. Change your life and your financial blueprint in only 2 ½ years-I did. I run my own business and now and it brings in a lot more money than my 9-5 job ever did so now I’m shopping exclusively at Tiffany’s too!


Source by Joanna Manderzeen

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