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Legitimate Internet Riches For Nigerians


The Internet has brought succor to people like you and I, ordinary Nigerians who are not from the families of rich business moguls or politicians who steal public funds. Most Nigerians do not know the power the Internet has: to pull them out of poverty and establish them on the solid ground of riches.

Most Nigerians do not seem to know that the following can be done on the Internet:

* Building a blog and using it for Google AdSense.

* Offering service to the world as a freelancer.

* Trading on forex.

* Just building websites and selling them

* Writing books and selling to the world market even as you sit back here in Nigeria.

* Selling pictures and making money therefrom

* Or just doing any or a combination of the many Internet businesses that abound and you make yourself real and legitimate riches.

And most interestingly, you are the boss and you call the shots; you also may not need to leave your room everyday, except when it is absolutely necessary. And above all, you make more money than most eight-to-five day job workers.

All you need to do is to acquire a little specialized knowledge (not the one your lecturers give you in school) with which to know what to do and exactly how to do it. This knowledge, unfortunately, can hardly be picked from the streets because most people who make money LEGITIMATELY online do not make noise about it. Of course they don’t need to. They do not run a door-to-door advertisement like the multi-level marketing people, neither do they advertise from one street to another like the firms running Christmas promo. They most often concentrate on the Internet and target both the local (for the local folks who are familiar with the happenings in the Internet) and international market. I know of so many guys in Nigeria here (out of the very few who know about it and actually do it) who have established themselves from their businesses on the Internet.

Unfortunately, thousands of Nigerian youths who have the creative ability and even the intellectual capability to acquire more riches than these legitimate Internet millionaires waste their life, time and money doing Internet fraud..

This is not necessary. We can redirect our efforts to something more profitable and honorable. We can decide today to learn and do businesses we can proudly tell our friends and families about and show them proofs with our improved lifestyles that will be backed by our improved spending abilities.

Internet riches should not be just for a few. It should be for every Nigerian who honestly desires to have his dreams of being financially independent come to fruition. One interesting observation I’ve made is that none of the Nigerian Internet rich guys is thinking of dropping the business for something better. The Internet business is not like most businesses that people just manage to go into because of lack of choice, and which after some initial success, they leave and look for something more honorable. My observation is that they remain in the business, looking for ways to earn more from it and expand their choices of business-all on the Internet. I was stunned to know that our own daring Nigerians now offer reliable web hosting services at prices cheaper than what you can get from the foreign web hosting service providers (and like I said, these guys are so reliable). Of course I used them to register some of my own sites and I’ve not had any course to regret ever using their services.

I predict that in just five years from now, ignorant Nigerians will wake up one day to see sixteen-year old and under-thirties controlling millions while their parents in their fifties and sixties will be struggling with paychecks of less than hundred thousand Naira per month.

In my opinion, every Nigerian youth who dreams of entrepreneurship should consider the Internet as a choice, especially when such person does not have so much money at his disposal. Internet riches are real and any Nigerian can acquire his.

To your lifetime success,

From Ekeke Chinedu


Source by Chinedu Ekeke

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