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LYPH (Lifting Your Purpose Higher)


I want you to think for a minute (and I mean, really think). What does your LYPH mean to you? Yes, this is a serious question. Two out of five people probably have never thought about this question. You may say, “Who are you to ask me such a profound question?” But then, I could ask, “Who are you, that you don’t know?” I was once in the same position. I was in a routine; and that’s not how you should live your LYPH, constantly going about your day doing the same thing you were doing yesterday. . .and yester-week and yester-mouth. You know? If your life means anything to you, you will take charge of it. You will grasp it with everything you have in your power. Once you grab it, you shouldn’t let go. You should not look back to any things that used to hold you back. Appreciate LYPH. It’s God-given. It’s a privilege. I have an acronym for LYPH, L.Y.P.H. (Lifting Your Purpose Higher).

Don’t think LYPH is about waking up every morning to prepare for your day, at 5:30 a.m., fighting your way through traffic to scurry to your desk job–where papers are slammed in front of you. Where your skills are being used for MUCH less than they’re worth. It’s not a good feeling. It’s not a good feeling at all to know that your survival is in the hands of someone else’s signature of approval every week or every two weeks. Seriously, People, there are individuals out here pulling in $20,000/month. Do you honestly think we’re in a recession? Don’t let the media fool you. There’s BIG money in bad news. That’s why there’s so much of it covered during the broadcasts. “We’re in a Recession!! This is the worst stock market crash in history!! This is worse than the Great Depression!” Trust, if this was anywhere near the “Great Depression,” we’d be struggling to buy water, our lights would be off, gas would be at least $5/gallon nationwide! Since this is “worse than the ‘Great Depression’.”

What I’m saying is, don’t put your LYPH and things (your dreams, visions, businesses, investments, vacations) on halt because of “fear.” If you live your LYPH cautiously always–because you’re scared of what could happen–you’ll never enjoy it. Before you’d know it, you’d be headed for your grave. You will have lived a LYPH of routine “dullness,” just an ordinary citizen doing nothing to empower or enrich yourself, your family and friends, or others. Just letting “TV new” tell you how to live frugally. . .telling you that if you’ve got a job, you’d better hang on to it. “No one’s hiring.” OK? Work for yourself then. Get out and take your LYPH into your hands. Stop depending on the economy.

It’s so different when you can go to work because you want to, and not because you have to. When you know you’ve got your LYPH in your hand (as in it doesn’t matter how the economy’s looking, you’re still set), you won’t hate your job, because you know that it’s not a necessity for you to be there. You won’t have to put up with management’s faults and arrogance. You know? Anyway, take charge of your LYPH. You have a higher purpose than where you are now. Even if you’re where you want to be, your purpose is still higher. If you’re a manager, you’re supposed to be a supervisor. If you’re a supervisor, you’re supposed to be chairman. If you’re enlisted grade, you’re supposed be an officer grade. If you’re a employee, you’re supposed to be an entrepreneur. You feel me? Lift Your Purpose Higher.


Source by Antonio Newell

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