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Have you been laid off from work (or are you feeling the financial pressure of recent economic woes?) and now you are wondering if it’s possible to make money without spending ANY money.

You’re not alone in wondering about this. Today more and more folks want to know if they can make money even if they have none of of the usually necessary tools. Often people asking this question don’t want to spend more money before they make themselves any money.

Well, the good news is that yes, it can be done.

But first, a small warning about time frames. I need to mention that this cashless income generation approach takes longer than you’d take if you did have some available funds to prime the pump, so to speak.

Right now, let me show you how to make money without spending money.

Step 1 – Find a product or service to promote. There are many ways to find profitable, in-demand products that are currently selling well.

Step 2 – Promote your product using free advertising. There are multiple ways to advertise on the internet without spending a penny.

Step 3 – Get yourself a free website. Again, there is a range of options here, again… all free.

After these first 3 steps, there are 4 more things you also need to do to turn on the income.

Let me tell you, it’s an enormous thrill when your efforts trigger your first sale, then another, then another.

May that thrill can be yours too… some day soon.


Source by Gary Harvey

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