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Millionaire Secret Number 2 – How to Get Rich Fast


So you want to be a millionaire. Good decision. I have actually gotten on that path myself and am now able to say that it is not as impossible as some would make it out to be. It is not necessary to have lots and lots of money, or all the ‘right’ connections, nor is it as complicated as some make out. Just making that decision is a very important step!

Beyond that, the next step is to find a vehicle. These are the instruments, products, methods that will take you to your millionaire destination. These may include, selling a product or service, internet marketing, blogging, freelance writing, producing intellectual property such as music for sale, or property investment to name a few ideas.

The next and most important thing is to stick with it. Many give up just before the victory, make sure this does not happen to you. Managing fear and greed will be very important as you journey toward that first million.

Here is how to ensure that the vehicle you choose will bring you the wealth you need in the shortest space of time as possible.

1. Select the best vehicle.

2. Choose to be mentored by the best and most successful in the field.

3. Adjust to and maintain a positive outlook with regard to money.

4. Re-invest whatever you earn into smart investments.

Firstly, knowing the right vehicle can be tricky when starting out. It is best to do some research first, starting with the things and activities that you like. Then expand your search outward, focusing on things that are in great demand.

You may ask how you can find a mentor in the niche that you choose. This is actually not hard to do. Usually an internet search for experts or top performers in a particular field will lead you to the right person. Usually en e-mail or correspondence will be enough to get initial contact going.

A positive attitude toward money is not something that all of us have. Creating this is important and there are books that will help in this regard. Many of them are free and on the net. We must learn to link pleasure to managing our money. Many of us have pleasure spending money, and feel intense pain while saving. However it is possible to switch these emotional triggers and experience pleasure in applying the discipline of saving, and yes, feeling pain to have to spend.

The investment issue sounds easy, but usually a car is an important purchase for most persons, but this is a bad investment, since it depreciates immediately, more so over time. Meanwhile a property, or an investment in the stock market will yield great results over time. These are the type of investments that can and should be made as you begin to reach toward your millionaire status. The key here is education. The more educated you are in the area of investments the better investment choices you will make.


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