Music – Cure or Curse

What is Music?

Music is the first sign of entertainment. It is the art of arranging sound. It is one of the traits that distinguishes the cultures of all human societies. Styles that highlight, de-emphasize, or exclude common components of organized sound, such as rhythm, loudness, and pitch, can be used to characterize music. Rhythm may be specified with tempos, sometimes organized using meters, and often coordinating the variation and juxtaposition of pitch. Individual sounds have timbres or textures that significantly affect the music’s overall feeling.

Pros of Music

Releases feel-good chemicals

Our brains release dopamine when we listen to music that we enjoy. It is a molecule that gives us a positive, energizing, and contented feeling. Researchers found that listening to music was no longer as joyful after administering study participants with a drug that suppresses dopamine. Unexpectedly, dopamine plays a critical role in the positive feelings associated with music.

Makes Us Relaxed and Boosts the Immune System

Music relaxes us in two ways. The first method involves changing our brainwaves. Similar to when we meditate or feel at ease, our brains produce more alpha waves when we listen. The second method involves reducing the levels of cortisol and adrenaline in our systems. There are two hormones that cause stress. They are advantageous in the short run, but if they persist for extended periods of time, they become problematic. Our immune system is strengthened and we become more relaxed when those two hormones are reduced.

Improves Sleep

The efficiency of sleep, the quality of sleep, and the time it takes to fall asleep can all be improved by listening to music. And oddly, a lot of the “pros” on this list are the only factors contributing to its success. The benefits of music on sleep come from a variety of mechanisms, including hormone modulation, pain relief, blood pressure lowering, and slower breathing.

Activates the Brain

The brain becomes more active and becomes like a firework when you listen to music. While for listeners it may only be a brain activation, the listening experience essentially involves the entire brain. It serves as exercise for musicians. According to studies, those who play an instrument have better socio-emotional awareness—the capacity to recognize, comprehend, and express emotions. along with better reading abilities and more developed hearing, which makes speech and music easier to hear.

The Cons

Haram in Religion Islam

Music is haram in Islam, there is no dispute that it is prohibited in Islam as it supports hypocrisy. and it is strictly prohibited.

Hinder Creativity and Focus

The majority of individuals believe that music encourages creativity. However, the reality is that, under particular circumstances, music can considerably impair our capacity for concentration and problem-solving. Consider that for a second. If a song is playing in the background, the temptation to sing along arises since you are familiar with the lyrics. If there is a problem, it deflects attention from what is directly in front of you. This is because it interferes with our verbal memory and makes it difficult to execute some tasks.

Hearing Loss

Twenty million or more Americans experience tinnitus. It is what is referred to as “hearing sound” when there is none, such as a continuous beeping and noises. There isn’t a proper treatment for it, and it actually makes people nuts. Sadly, music can be a significant contributor because noise-induced hearing loss can contribute to tinnitus. It is what occurs when music is played over extended periods of time at a loud volume.
For this reason, restrictions are put in place at events, places, restaurants, and even on your phone. to keep volume from reaching dangerous levels. Because a noisy atmosphere can be created by many people conversing in a small space and can harm ears if exposed to excessive levels, loudness is sometimes monitored in educational settings.

Can Be Stressful

When we don’t enjoy the music being played, it turns into noise. For instance, when you’re attempting to go to sleep and your neighbor is dancing to bass-heavy techno on the opposite side of your apartment wall. The sounds that we can’t help but hear profoundly affect us. In addition, exposure to loud noises might result in stress, heart disease, insomnia, and high blood pressure. Even animals experience stress. Everything from birds having fewer eggs to horses appearing to be more anxious when exposed to rock music.

Cure Or Curse

Everything should be in balance; anything out of balance is a curse. Music is the same. If it is uncontrolled listening, then it can be blissful. but in my opinion, it will unfocus you from your main tasks and make you foggy. It is better to avoid music during work time.


If you conclusde music in balance is ok. it can be harmonize and make you feel better but excessive listening is not good for health. if you like this post you would also like other posts like Women Sports, 48 laws of Power and nutrition.

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