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Online Ebiz – No Such Thing As a Free Lunch But You Can Get to Go to the Feast


How will YOU make money online?

Which business opportunity will work for you? Will you write an e-book and sell it? Join an affiliate program and promote it? You could create an eBook and put your affiliate links inside, making a commission every time someone clicks through and buys your affiliate product? Perhaps you’ll set up a website with AdWords or some other advertising program and drive visitors to it with clever Internet Marketing? All very well, But…

The problem is not finding good business opportunities on the Internet. The problem is that selling business opportunities is one of the biggest business opportunities on the Internet! Tantalising offers are everywhere and slick Internet marketeers are ready to take your credit card details and exploit that human belief that continues to think it is possible to get something for nothing. Beware! Behind every innocent-seeming business opportunity there may be a nasty scam just waiting to exploit your trust.

Even the genuine opportunities are presented in special marketing copy, language that cleverly hits your psychological buy buttons without fully explaining that even the most straightforward workable plan for business online still requires effort, time and investment to make it work. It’s easy to forget that the people who make business ideas work are the people who work at them.

Truth Time…

Oh dear! This isn’t what you want to hear, is it? You wanted me to tell you that all you need to do is to click on the right links, join a few programmes and cash the cheques.

Don’t let me stop you. The secret of internet success is that most of the processes involved in your business can be put on autopilot. A little work setting something up goes a long long way and can produce income for you 24/7 You move on to the next project or just take it easy on the beach! And there is plenty of online help to teach you the shortcuts and tutorial programs that will help you get there.

But come on!

I’m sorry! Even on the Internet there is no such thing as a free lunch!


Source by Andrew Charleson

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