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Paid Surveys Membership Fee – Is it Worth Paying a Fee to Join Paid Survey Sites?


With paid surveys becoming one of the most preferred online jobs for many, there are few websites which try to use the situation and charge a fee to the members for sharing their paid survey directory. Some of them really get attracted to it and think, if they pay a fee they could get a big list of all top paying survey sites. However, it is not so.

Of all the sites which charge a fee, only few are legitimate sites which share the information with the customers. However, most of the sites are scams which just take away people’s money for nothing. In survey business, most of the information is available in internet for free. But most of them ignore it, as they think they can get better information if they pay a fee.

There are many sites online which provide you the paid survey directory for free. Of course, you may not have a complete list of all the sites. But, the list will be good enough to help you start off with paid survey business. In fact, you don’t even have to rely on these directories. If you could spend little time and put your best effort, you can make your own list of legitimate paid surveys.

If you are still keen on joining a site which charges a fee, then you might have to do few checks to ensure the site is legitimate. Some of them are listed below:

o Try to do a research about the company in internet and see if you could find any review for the company. If people had bad experiences with the company, then they would have written a review about the company.

o If you could find an email Id on the web page, try to send out an email to them. If you get prompt reply from them, then you can go ahead and register with the site. Legitimate companies generally provide great customer support.

If you could try above said things, then you will get a fair idea if the company is genuine. However, considering the fact that paid survey is not a high paying job, it is really not worth to pay any fee for information. It will actually save you some money if you could do some research on your own.


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