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Planning a Retirement Party on A Budget – Tips On Inexpensive Retirement Party Planning


If you’re planning a retirement party, you might be looking for ways to cut costs. After all, parties can be downright expensive and retirement parties are no exception. In fact, the average luncheon retirement party (at a banquet hall) with over 35 guests typically costs $2000 or more. And, the average luncheon retirement party (at a home) with 35 guests typically costs $750 or more. However, you can significantly cut these costs and plan a great retirement party with a modest budget. In this brief article, we’ll discuss how you can plan a retirement party on a modest budget.

Here Are Some Tips On Inexpensive Retirement Party Planning

1. First of all, you must know your budget. After all, how can you stay within your budget if you don’t know what your budget is? With this in mind, the first step to planning a retirement party on a budget is to figure out how much money you have for the party. Write down your anticipated costs and expenses.

2. Second, evaluate your expense list and do a price comparison. This can be accomplished by contacting stores, warehouses and recreational facilities in your area and online to determine if your expenses are reasonable. If necessary, adjust your list so that you have a realistic expense sheet to work with.

3. Third, hone down on miscellaneous items. That is, figure our what you can do in order to trim down your list. For instance, can you plan a luncheon instead of a dinner party? Can you invite less people? Can you cater the party yourself? Can you cut down on paper goods or choose less expensive ones?

4. Fourth, shop around. Once you’ve honed down your list, you should shop around to find the best prices. This includes shopping online and offline. In fact, to ensure that you save the most money, make sure that you start shopping for discounted goods and services as soon as you possibly can. Then, use merchants and service providers to bid against one another. In addition, just because a lower price isn’t offered, doesn’t mean that it isn’t available. In many instances, you simply have to be willing to ask for the discounts and in many instances they will be given to you. After all, just about everything is negotiable. You simply have to be willing to negotiate for better prices.

In conclusion, planning a retirement party doesn’t have to be a difficult or there are cost effective ways to plan your party. You simply have to be willing to know your budget, evaluate your expenses, do price comparisons, hone down on miscellaneous costs, and shop around. Once you do this, you can rest assured that you’ll have a great retirement party that doesn’t break the bank.


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