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Pyxism Review – How to Succeed in 11 Simple Steps


Just this January saw the launch of Pyxism, a travel based network marketing company. The early movers who understand that getting into a new company early can have huge financial rewards are taking a good, hard look at Pyxism. The company combines three great industries of home based business, internet marketing and travel. As more and more people look to transition from traditional employment, Pyxism is in the right place at the right time to experience massive growth. Will you take advantage?

Founded and solely owned by Lloyd Wilson, the new company has a leader with 12 years of marketing expertise. His previous businesses include Platinum One and NetTrav. Wilson’s background ensures Pyxism is a great opportunity and will be expertly managed.

So you’re considering signing up with Pyxism. Here are the items you should contemplate:

1. Are you a team player? Pyxism is a team oriented business. Like most network marketing companies, Pyxism needs team players who will work for the benefit of their teams and the company as a whole. If you struggle with this concept, you may be looking at the wrong kind of business!

2. However, and this is another general remark, to be successful you will need to position yourself as an expert in the travel marketing field. This is vital.

3. Headquartered in the United States, Pyxism is compliant with all network marketing rules and regulations.

4.The company has no debts and this is important. Money is invested into profit and not into debt coverage.

5. Just look at Pyxism’s prospective market:

* Traveling is a fast growing market

* A staggering 50% of all on-line purchases are in the travel category

* Travel has a turnover of more than 7 trillion dollars a year which takes it to the top of the most lucrative businesses

* As the economy continues to struggle, many baby boomers are exiting the traditional workplace. They have more time and money to travel and many will seek opportunities to generate income from a home-based business

6. The company uses a truly unique compensation matrix for steady flow of income that helps make money not only for a chosen few but everyone who is willing to put in some effort. The 2*3 matrix was elaborated as a great alternative to the old 2*2 matrices that have led to breakage of many stale boards. The so-called follow-me 2*3 matrix excludes splitting of teams and boards

7. Pyxism markets exciting vacation getaways rather than the typical MLM super juice or vitamin

8. Travel reasons and destinations vary – family get togethers, special event celebrations, or just to see a new place

9. Your ability to apply some common sense marketing tactics and communicate effectively with people will enable you to achieve success in this competitive but very fun business

10. Lloyd Wilson has made training of distributors a top priority. Excellent webinar and online resources are provided for all Pyxism members.

11. To be successful in the business, one will need to learn how to create and operate a fully developed marketing system through a well thought-through MLM plan. Generating an ample supply of daily leads to enroll enough people into the business is critical.

As you can see, Pyxism is a terrific new opportunity for anyone wishing to combine their interest in travel with the benefits of a network marketing home-based business.


Source by Jeff Sheiner

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