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Quick AdSense Account Approval Tips


AdSense is the bloggers gold mine as said by most of the professional bloggers online. There are some professional bloggers who earn around 5000 to 10,000$ online from AdSense. For US bloggers, AdSense is one of the highest paying blog advertising sites in Internet. It is hard to get an AdSense approval if you are new to blogging and have a domain, but once you have developed some quality content, your AdSense account will be approved very easily.

How to get AdSense account

AdSense account is approved by Google. You need to register with Google or should apply with your Gmail or yahoo account. Once you have an approved account with AdSense, you are ready to place ads with Google. Recently there have been a change in AdSense policies as the new AdSense publishers cannot earn from AdSense right away.

New AdSense Accounts would be reviewed thoroughly prior to approval. This new step decreases the new applications for AdSense which try to earn money from day one.

Tips to get your AdSense approval

Some tips to get a quick AdSense account approval are given below:

Don’t apply with fake name:

It is always advisable to apply AdSense account with your real name and with Gmail account in which your mobile number is verified. This helps Google to quickly verify your account. Some people try to apply with fake name and applying with other countries address. Accounts such as these are never approved.

Give website or blog with quality content and no plagiarism

When you are applying for an account for AdSense, you need to give contact details and also your website address where you place Google Ads. This is an important part for the approval process. Only submit sites which have quality and unique content and indexed by Google.

Have rich content

Google generally approves sites that have rich content and having content which is very useful for readers. Generally sites with latest technologies, how to articles, presentations and videos are easily approved for Google AdSense.

Don’t submit adult oriented content

To get an account approval for adult oriented sites is very difficult. If you are applying for AdSense account for these sites, they are least approved.

Overall it is very useful to have AdSense account to maintain a professional blog online and earn money online through blogging. Learn more about earning money online from blogs and alternative ways to earn from blogs through AdSense via Blog Earning Series


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