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RevvNRG Review – Should You Get Your Acai Berry On – Again?



I wrote this 3rd party review to assist those looking into the newer MLM company, RevvNRG. RevvNRG is just one of multiple MLM and traditional companies trying to take advantage of the Acai Berry demand. If you don’t know anything about the acai berry for whatever reason, Google it, and I assure you that you’ll find a whole slew of things about this healthy and exotic berry…along with A LOT of companies trying to sell it. With so many competitors, does RevvNRG have a chance to become a successful MLM company?

Although there are many companies vying for acai supremacy, none of these have gained an overwhelming advantage in the market yet. So how can RevvNRG get ahead of the pack? It’s important with a new company and product to establish buyer-to-consumer trust. A lot of consumers are unsure of which business to buy acai berrys from. Unfortunately, there has been many scams and illegitimate companies taking advantage of the sudden demand for this berry in trying to make a quick buck. As a result, many consumers are scared to even involve themselves with this product. They need a company they can trust that’ll deal honestly and that will harvest the berry sustainably. It seems like RevvNRG is attempting to be that company.

I found some great things about RevvNRG regarding environmental sustainability practices. The CEO, Scotty Paulson, went to Brazil in person to find and work with responsible farms that practice sustainable harvesting and extraction techniques. RevvNRG also donates a portion of all of its profits to rainforest conservation. If they can get the word out to acai berry consumers about their important contributions, it could very well drive a whole bunch of present and prospective customers to buying from their brand.

Another positive for RevvNRG is that they are marketing to foreign markets as well, with the South American continent being the main region in their marketing efforts. If this is a triumphant endeavor it should give RevvNRG long-term stability by building a solid and diverse customer base.


RevvNRG has 6 different levels in which one can sign on to become a distributor. They range from the customer’s pack for $33 all the way to the “Mega Grandfather Pack” at $1199. Not surprisingly, joining at a higher level will give you the opportunity to make more.

RevvNRG is one of many companies to choose the Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) format for advertisement and promotion. I’m assuming you have been referred to RevvNRG yourself by a distributor, but if you are unfamiliar with MLM, it offers self-driven individuals a chance at financial-independence and job freedom by growing a team of distributors for their company. Don’t let people lead you astray by telling you it’s a get-rich-quick type of business. It takes work like anything else, but offers great awards to those that market correctly.


No matter what MLM company you join, you’ll need to be able to recruit some qualified members if you want to see any residual income. What is the best way to recruit these motivated individuals into your business?

You can get ahead of 95% of other MLM recruiters by establishing an online presence. There are thousands upon thousands of unique searches for MLM-related terms DAILY. Think of the possibilities for your RevvNRG business, or any MLM for that matter, if you could tap into some of those searches and connect with the people trying to find answers. When you establish an online presence you can talk to these interested individuals rather than using all your efforts on trying to sell the idea to your friends, family, and co-workers.

Thankfully, connecting with these individuals and marketing on the Internet has never been easier. There are tools and people to help you become financially-independent.. With a solid work ethic, the right tools, and some training, you will be able to leverage the internet to drive prospects into your business.


Source by Keegan Luinstra

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