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SFI – How to Earn Money With It?


SFI is the marketing channel for the IAHBE or International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs and Veriuni which comprises of nutritional, personal care, pet care, and many more products. It was launched in 1998 and is the best way to make money online.

The current financial crisis has taken its toll on many people. Even the internet marketing has not been spared. But, this unique concept has never let its people down and is going strong.

This program has been showing the way for many people all over the world how to earn money with its affiliate program. It can help you earn up to $50 or even $100 per hour. The secrets for this internet home business program are that you can start making money using just your computer and internet connection.

You can take part in their business program and also to benefit from their income. It provides an affiliates network where they all can discuss their business and marketing issues together. The marketing group also provides you with offline promotional tools like calling cards, business cards, etc.

I’m giving few methods below that you can earn money from SFI:

1) As an SFI affiliate, you can earn commissions on any purchase made by people you have personally referred to them. Most affiliate programs work like this in SFI.

2) Once you are executive affiliate, you can earn several commissions which include bonuses and pools.

3) Since Jan 1, 2007, it has added the Powerline which enables even starters to earn a percentage for each sale done by every SFI affiliate below you.

4) The affiliate executive gives you the ability to earn residual income, year after year, from the work you did just once.

5) As affiliate executive you can also earn money through other people’s efforts.

It provides you with free websites and a free course that teaches you everything you need to know to make money online. They also provide you the products to stock your online store and take care of all orders, and product shipments.

Many people have got satifaction by becoming affiliate and taking advantage of the SFI income opportunity. Many of them had tried several money making attempts before joining the SFI income opportunity.

Unlike what I read in an article, SFI is not a scam. It may sound funny, when people claim that you can earn as high $100 an hour. This is a very common sight these days in the internet and I have personally fallen for these kinds of false lucrative deals. I’m sure you are not that foolish to fall for that trap again. But this is a genuine system where you earn money for what you deserve.

Overall, no online network marketing business can grow without determination and persistence. If you want to really want to make it happen and think outside the box, then success is surely yours. There is no harm in sharing the fruits of your labour with others. You need to allow yourself to fall into your creativity without the fear of failure.


Source by Don Keating

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