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Social Security and Medicare Mumbo Jumbo


Can you communicate with the Social Security Office? Also, Medicare Office? Do you feel it is a bunch of mumbo jumbo they are speaking? If you have answered yes or no to either question, read on.

Why are the Social Security and the Medicare department of the government a big mish mash of mumbo jumbo? The majority of people who need these services are senior citizens and handicapped people. This whole process is truly complicated for the common person. Most people do not have a chance of finishing their paperwork without questions and being put through this run around or Mumbo Jumbo.

I have been helping a friend who is permanently disabled through the mind boggling mumbo jumbo of paperwork. After waiting on hold for ten minutes with the Medicare Department, I finally get a live person to speak with and they refer me back to the Social Security office to answer my question.

If the Social Security office and the Medicare office can not sort out whose job is what – how am I suppose to figure it out.

This bouncing ball theory of calling Social Security and having them refer you to Medicare and visa versa has to stop.

Somebody needs to reign in the duties of each department. The departments must be set up in a very strict assignment on which department is responsible for what.

Most of the trouble lies with the employees. They are untrained – or the rules and regulations change so fast – they can not keep up. Therefore, mass confusion or Mumbo Jumbo.

I can call Social Security and get one answer on Monday and call on Wednesday and receive an entirely different answer on Wednesday. This is not the way to run two of the most important departments of the government.

What do you think?

Thank your for reading my article. Please feel free to read any of my numerous articles on various subjects?

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