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Sports Arbitrage Betting – Make Money Betting on Sports


In this article we’ll take a look at low risk betting in sports betting. Seasoned gamblers and sports betters that are new to the gaming system might not have heard of the term “sports arbitrage betting”.

It’s not even a new term because arbitrage has been used in betting for a very long time, especially in wide range markets.

This method of betting makes it possible for an individual to make a lot of money with very little risk.

Let’s take a further look at how minimum risk is involved. Essentially you gamble on the difference between two or more bookmakers. The sports bookmakers will have their own views on who is most likely to win the game.

You begin by placing bets on bookmakers. You are then presented with a wide variety of odds. A profit will come in since you are betting on a guaranteed win either way.

This is the reason why sports arbitrage is considered a relatively low risk game.

The winner is primarily the gambler in question. The advantage this game offers is that the gambler has the advantage of the difference between the different bookmakers and their views on who will win or lose.

You never have to actually form an opinion on your own. The statistics indicate that it is impossible for the individual bookmakers to have the same view on who’ll win.

If this was the case they would not make any money for themselves! A difference in odds for a specific game is called an arbitrage.

This is also where you place your bets. The results of such games are of mathematical certainty since you are actually placing bets on two separate opinions.

With smart calculations you can actually determine which will win and even know how much you stand to win.


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