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Teenagers Earn Money By Making Websites


There are many online jobs for teenagers, but one of the most profitable ones is building websites. It takes months of work before you will begin to see any money flow in, but in the long run it is worth it.

The first step to building a money making website is signing up for Blogger, and starting a blog. I know what you are thinking, that a blog is not a website. But let me tell you right now that later you will be thanking me for telling you to build your website with Blogger. It is convenient, simple, and cheap.

After you have begun your blog, it is time for you to buy a custom domain name. For only $10 a year you can have your website be “example.com” instead of “example.blogspot.com.” This will make your website appear much more professional, and that will help you to earn more money.

The next step for you to do is to make your blog become a “static website”. This means that you are going to make it look less like a blog, and more like a traditional website. Just Google how to do this, because it would take too long for me how to explain to make a static blog right here. Don’t worry, it’s not hard to do, it just takes a little bit of explaining.

Now it’s time for the fun part, building your site! You can go to the design panel on your blog, and make your site look appealing. Colors, style, and everything else will be up to you to decide. Also, you will be in charge of writing all of the pages on your site. It’s crucial that you write a lot of content, because the more high quality pages that you have, the more money you can make. Write about whatever topic you want, but try to keep a fairly consistent theme throughout your entire website. Also, write valuable articles that people will want to come read. If no one wants to read your writing, then they won’t come visit your site, and then you will not be able to earn an income from your website.

The final thing you need to do is put ads up onto your site. This is how you will earn money. To do this, have your parents help you sign up for an AdSense account, and then hook it up to your Blogger account. Blogger will then automatically put ads on your site for you!

It might take a lot of time and effort, but soon your site will be earning you money every single month!


Source by Ezra Anderson

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