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The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect: a book written by Darren Hardy and it focus on effects of small changes that makes big effect over time. It shows you the power of consistancy. The compound effect is a tactic used to derive enormous benefits from seemingly minor and inconsequential actions. It also says prior to measuring something, it cannot be improved. If you want to improve, first you have to measure it. and lastly always assume full responsibility for anything that occurs. The person who doesn’t take responsibility of his actions is a losser.

Hi everyone. This is Salik and this is book reviews series in this post we will see what is in the book “The Compund effect” by Darren Hardy. This is one of my favourite books that emphasize on small changes can make a difference over time. Whether you realise it or not, the cumulative effect has been your life’s operating system. It affects everything in your life. You Start to reduce 100 calories in every meal. It will be 300 kCal per day. and 9000 kCal per month. That will be more than 1 kg per month. and 25 kg over period of 2 years.

100 kCal reduction in you every meal compounded for 2 years will reduce 25 kg of weight. and 100 kCal is only half bar of choclate or one big bite of snickers. this is the Power of compound effect. Success is not to do 5000 things in one time. Success is doing one thing exceptinally well 5000 times. This is the Power of Compounding.

There are 3 big ideas in this book you can take

The Compound Effect

Compound Effect

The Compound Effect’s core tenet is that gradual adjustments over a lengthy period of time yield higher results than abrupt, highly big ones. Hardy provides a straightforward formula to clarify:


To demonstrate this concept, consider the following two examples:

  • It is better to invest one penny that doubles every day for 31 days than to take $3 million in cash now. As 1 penny that doubles everyday will end up more than 10 million USD at day 31. but here is th catch. You will have only $5.12 on day 10. $163 on day 15. and on day 20 you will have 5200 USD. it is day 30 that you will cross 3M USD and at day 31 you wil have Ten Million USD. This is Power of compounding but it takes affect after long time of consistancy.
  • Or consider three friends who begin relatively similarly: one doesn’t change anything (for the better or worse), another adds a weekly beer to his diet and watches TV during his downtime, and the third makes some minor adjustments like cutting 200 calories per day and reading 10 pages of a good book each day. Which of these three individuals do you believe will be in a better situation in two years?

In conclusion? Our daily decisions have a little but significant impact on the outcomes we encounter in the future. The difference won’t be immediately apparent; after five months or even a year, everything might still appear to be largely the same. However, give it two or three years, and you’ll be astounded by the differences.

What little decisions could you be making every day that would add up to bigger changes for you down the road? Make a commitment and put them in writing.

Be Consistant

Repeating easy daily habits provides significant benefits, but repeating easy mistakes in judgement causes issues and keeps you from success. You simply need to take a series of small actions, but you must do so regularly over a lengthy period of time if you want to see profound change in every aspect of your life.

Sitting on your couch and yearning for success won’t get you anywhere.Even when you aren’t seeing results, you must put in the effort and persevere.Another crucial point to remember is that, once you start getting good results, it might be simple to stop working hard and start taking success for granted. 

Avoid doing this! 

By doing this, you will significantly regress, and it will be challenging to catch up. When you begin to notice success, don’t let up; rather, use it as a sign that you’re on the right track. Then, shift into high gear and maintain the momentum!

To achieve the goals you should take the pen and write down following answers

  • What minor habits can you get rid of that might be getting in the way of your success?
  • What are some simple actions you can begin performing each day to improve your life?
  • What are some justifications you presently cling to despite knowing they don’t further your success and growth? Commit to conquering them by working hard and advancing personally.

Your Decisions your Destiny

The first step is to become conscious of the decisions you are making and how they will affect your future. Things in life don’t just happen to you; they happen because you made a decision that set the stage for that particular circumstance at some point in the past.

The decision to be grateful is one significant decision that MUST be included in a consistent diet. By practising gratitude, we improve various facets of our lives and become better individuals, better in our interpersonal interactions, more likeable, and more upbeat overall.

We “sleepwalk” through decisions without being aware that we are doing so. The Compound Effect might work in your favour as you make more modest, wise decisions, but it can also work against you—and undoubtedly has—in the small, seemingly minor decisions you make every day.

Our main issue isn’t that we consciously choose poorly; rather, it’s that our decisions are influenced by the habits we’ve formed.

Take full responsibility of your actions and decisions. Full responsibilty of your relationships. 100% responsibility of your Job. 100% responsibility of the tasks that are assigned to you.

Change your Habits

Man is the pod of habits. He is what he has habits. Eliminate your bad habits and adopt good habits. Good habits compouns over time and give you huge best results. similarly bad habits accumulate over time and give you bad results. Now How to eliminate bad habits?

  • Find your triggers: What, who, when, or where sets off the behaviour you’re trying to stop?
  • Remove such triggers from your environment and use friction to your advantage to stop bad behaviour;
  • Want to feel good? Replace it with a reward that has the same impact. Instead of eating a cookie, make a call to a buddy.
  • Either: Introduce your new reward gradually; some behaviours can be changed more easily by reducing them gradually.
  • Alternately, make a significant alteration since certain things are simpler to remove with a swift, decisive tug on the roots.

and how to adopt good habits, below are some steps

  • Start out strong and start as you mean to go on since your motivation will never be stronger than it is on day one;
  • Make friction your friend by removing as many obstacles as you can from your intended action to set yourself up for success;
  • Think addition, not subtraction; pay attention to the positive aspects of your new habit rather than the negative ones;
  • Create your own peer pressure and use it to guide you in the correct way by making a public commitment;
  • Find a Success Buddy and establish responsibility by regularly checking in with a coach or success buddy;
  • Set Up Some Competition: You may even use the challenge of surpassing your own streaks and records to motivate you.


below are keypoints that can be taken as conclusion

  • Compound effect is the law: that says huge rewards can be reap by doing small actions consistantly in right direction.Compounding does exist. And it’s strong. Your decisions are currently determining the direction of your life, both for and against you.
  • Take full ownership of your actions, as decisions you make will bring some outcome. Take full responsibility of that outcome
  • Decide to begin keeping track of every action in the area of your life that you’re concentrating on because “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”
  • Take control of your habits, eliminate bad habits adopt good habits.
  • Take control of your friends, Keep good friends. lose bad friends
  • Optimize your envoirnment
  • Take Actions

You can purchase this book on Amazon or You can download it from here

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