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The Main Ingredients For Success Online and Anywhere (Part 1)


In this article I’ll be talking about what exactly is needed to be successful in life. Whether it is running an offline business or doing online business because that’s what I do, I’m running a successful online business. Of course, I learned this somewhere and today I’m going to share it with you guys. For me, there are only three ingredients needed for success; Mindset, Marketing, Mission. I learned this from my leader. I’ll be breaking this topic into three parts and this one will be talking about mindset.

Mindset, it sounds cool, it looks cool, and it is cool. So what exactly is mindset? Some say it’s our sub-conscious mind which means we can’t control it. It’s correct. Some say it’s the way we’re raised or taught to think. It’s correct too. There are many ways to put it. I’m just going to say it’s the way we think. There’s no use or benefit in debating about the definitions. But what I’m going to do is to discuss this on a more specific term. An Employee’s mindset and an employer’s mindset are different. That’s what we’re going to discuss. Which mindset are you on? An employee’s or an employer’s?

Let me show you one good example of how an employee’s mindsets are. There is this guy called Tom that is really proud of having $2,000 salary a month. He boasts to all people that he is rich just because his boss pays him $2,000 a month. But he is not thinking of how many employees that his boss pays, hundreds. So his boss is way richer than Tom does and his boss rarely does any work. His money work for him, the system he created work for him. He’s the guy that does the least work in the company but he’s the guy that gets the most money in the company. But Tom there never figures it out. He just keep on working and settle for that tiny little $2,000 check when he could get about $20,000 or even $200,000 a month if he’s a boss and he thinks like a boss, an Employer’s mindset.

Which mindset are you on? If you’re on the employees’ side, change it. You are what you think, start thinking like a boss. Start your own business and fire your boss, it’s time for a rebellion. Never settle for $2,000 a month when you’re worth $2,500 a month. Never settle for less. Build a system, let it work for you. Let your money work for you, and don’t trade your time for money. Just like what Robert Kiyosaki said, “The only way for people to get rich is having their own business, sometimes having a job can get in your way. “


Source by Tantawi Sagara

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