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The Secret Techniques on How to Choose the Best Domestic Worker in 10 Easy Steps


1. Identify your need for a maid. When you find yourself overwhelmed with too many household activities and need one more pair of hands to help you out, is a good indicator that you need a maid. For instance a house wife needs to work and have to look after the children; she will not have the time, energy and motivation to attend to the household chores.

2. Determine which nationality of the maid you are comfortable to work with. You will have the choice of a Pilipino, Indonesian or Sri Lankan maid. Pilipino is usually Roman Catholic, Indonesian usually Muslim and Sri Lankan usually Muslim or Hindu

3. Calculate how much you can set aside to pay the wages of the maid. On top of your other monthly expenses, you need to set aside an amount to pay the monthly salary of the maid. There is also the monthly foreign worker levy to think about. If you are looking for an experienced maid then you will have to set aside more. For example a Pilipino maid with no experience can come to $320 per month. Where as an experienced maid can be $400 and above.

4. Look for a maid agency. It would be better if someone you knew gave you a recommendation as they have experienced the services of this maid agency. If the agency has provided value for money services your friend will point it out straight away. If you do not have any recommendation you could either look through the newspaper classified ads or surf the internet to search for maid agencies. It’s good practice to compare the services offered and the price tag for administrative fees and maid fees. The maid agency needs to be a legal entity and registered with the Ministry.

5. Tell the maid agency what you need in a maid. Having chosen an agency, you need to give your requirements for the maid to the agent. Some of the points to consider are:

  • Activities that you like the maid to perform
  • Age, family background, educational qualification, marital status
  • With experience or no experience
  • Special skills like cooking, looking after children or elderly or even pets, gardening
  • Former employers commendation

The agent will then show you the CV of the maids which they think who meet your requirements. You will have to select a few to be interviewed

6. Plan your interview and create a checklist for the prospective maids.Before the interview, it is better for you to be prepared. Write down the questions you need to ask the prospective maids and be prepared to write down their answers so that you can make a better comparison and arrive with a more informed decision.

7. Arrange for other interviewers to go with you.It will be much better if you have another person like a close friend or relative or someone who has hired a maid before to attend the interview with you. This way the other person can ask questions which you have not thought of asking.

8. Screen the maids and ask relevant questions during the interview.Ask the prospective maids the questions you have prepared in step 6. As we are often the interviewee, this time being the interviewer do takes practice to be good at.

9. Select the maid. The choice of your maid will be based on how close she can meet you requirements and the amount of salary she is asking based on the activities she will undertake. It does not mean that the maid who has the lowest asking salary will be the best for you if she does not have experience in looking after infants while you out at work.

10. Prepare your home for the arrival of the maid. You will have to allocate a room so that your maid can sleep in and have her own privacy after working hours. Her room needs to be furnished with the basic furniture like wardrobe, mirror, bed etc. She will also need the proper cleaning equipment to do her work efficiently so that it will become a win-win situation for both of you where the maid can clean your house effectively and you returning to a cozy and very clean home. You also need to inform family members that a new person will be coming to work and sleep in your home.

So there you have it, the secrets of choosing the right maid is not so difficult after all when you follow these 10 simple steps. Here is wishing you success for you in choosing your right domestic help.


Source by Raymond Heng

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