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The Secrets of Wealth Creation Open to All!


Most people failing at wealth creation fall into two main categories, they either have no plan at all or they are bouncing between a few different methods. Consistency breeds results, how can you find what works for you if you only give it 5 minutes.

So here are a few hints:

1/ Write out exactly what you want to achieve.

A written plan gives you a firm commitment, also it allows you too come back later and see how you are doing. You will find that when writing it down you become more realistic as it is in black and white, not just talk that can easily be ignored if you fail.

2/ Add to this a realistic timescale to do this in.

I have always found that mind maps are great for this, as they show your business developing, building on each success. With the timescale it is better to really chunk it down, 1 sale a day does not sound a lot, but $12740 a year does. The reality is that based on average sale of $35, they are the same. So you are just reducing it to a number you are more ready to accept, once the sales start flowing you will then get far more ambitious. But when you look back you will see progress and also $12740 still pays a few bills, so is nothing to be sneezed at.

3/ Choose a method or single strategy.

There are hundreds of methods out there, too much information, read a few peoples wealth creation methods and then choose the best for you. It is more important that it is something you can keep up, do not commit yourself to a strategy of building a few web pages a day and 10 articles, if in reality you cannot write well. The tortoise beat the hare in the end; sometimes starting slow means you understand more and can build a firm foundation for a long-term business.

4/ Review your progress weekly, monthly, yearly.

Keep records and have a fixed time to review your progress, this will help massively and also might well be a basis for you helping other through this stage in the future. All plans need tweaking; this is how you stop yourself wasting time and effort better spent on earning you more money. This is where having others in similar situation is very useful, you can brainstorm together. But make sure some people are already successful and can teach you how to deal with issues that arise.

5/ Accept that it takes effort and hard work.

There is no way of becoming rich, if you are not prepared to put the effort in then just get a job and find something else that makes you happy. The good thing is though there are plenty of role models out there for you too identify with. These will show you the rewards and often with a little help and effort you can become rich and follow your dreams.

These 5 secrets of wealth creation are simple and they do work, giving you a framework as you progress in business. I also found it is a rare individual that can do this alone; most of us develop faster with mentors and help. So consider one of the groups out there, it will save you a lot of time, realistically saving you years of wasted effort. There is an old saying that there is nothing new under the sun, every rich person went through what your experiencing so learn from them. I know that if I can do it anyone can, so I wish you success in your wealth creation and all your dreams and maybe I will meet you in the groups forum.


Source by Thomas J Wolf

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