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The Success Formula For Achieving Any Endeavor


The first definition listed in The American Heritage Dictionary states that success is “The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.” All and all…that’s a pretty good basic definition of what success means.

I believe that our basic human nature actually propels us to seek and achieve success in life. Obviously, most of us want to obtain our dreams and desires…and be successful in all of our various pursuits.

In fact, in your own quest for personal success, I suspect most of you reading this article now…have spent some time studying various methods for achieving success. Fortunately, there are many excellent resources available for success seekers.

One excellent resource for the devoted success seeker is the huge treatise on success titled “Law of Success” by the renowned early 20th century success teacher and author Napoleon Hill. In this extensive work, Mr. Hill lays out and explains 17 powerful principles that should be applied for optimum success. This classic 1000+ page work is probably a must read for the truly devote student of success.

While there are indeed some who love to delve into the subject of success in depth (myself included)…I suspect that most want to achieve success in the shortest time possible using the least amount of effort necessary.

Not to begrudge or belittle the great works and principles associated with success by any means…I would humbly like to offer a formula for achieving success for all your desires and pursuits…that shouldn’t take years of study to apply.

Breaking the “Success Formula” down to its basic elements. The following steps should be followed and performed in the order listed

1. Obtain a solid vision of what you wish to accomplish…utilizing as many senses as possible.

2. Gain as much knowledge as possible concerning the subject or skill set you want to be successful at.

3. Take all the necessary actions to ensure success in what ever desire or pursuit you wish to succeed in.

Creating a powerful vision of what we want to achieve is a vital first step for the accomplishment of any goal

In our quest for success in any endeavor, it is very important that we truly contemplate what we wish to achieve…and formulate a solid vision of the desired final outcome in our minds before we even begin the process.

When we truly envision the outcome of our desires and pursuits…we create a powerful mental image that will propel us faster towards our goals. A strong mental picture that utilizes as many senses as possible…will both increase the speed of accomplishment, and help keep us motivated along the way.

As we begin to create our visions, it is vital that we really contemplate our goals…to ensure that we are truly pursuing the “right” goal for ourselves. Spending the proper time to truly formulate our desires will become very important when we actually start applying the necessary actions needed to achieve our goals.

To produce the best vision of what we desire to accomplish…we should apply the powerful tools of meditation, affirmations, and visualizations together to create that perfect mental image. As we quietly meditate on our goals…we should begin to quietly soft talk to ourselves the perfect scenario of what we want to achieve.

During this important time of meditation, we should also be visualizing the final outcome we desire… using as many of our senses as possible. Through our “mind’s eye”…we should be able to see, feel, and even smell that which we want to achieve.

All of these powerful tools mentioned…along with the next step in the “Success Formula” will bring into play the powerful forces associated with our subconscious and super-conscious minds.

To achieve true success of our desires and pursuits…it’s imperative that we gain as much knowledge and skills possible concerning that which we hope to succeed at

In truth, there are almost an infinite number of subjects and pursuits out there waiting to be accomplished. We just don’t have enough time in one lifetime to achieve success in every area of endeavor.

That is why it is so important to truly contemplate our goals…and decide which pursuits are most important to us at any given time. Once we have determined our most important desires and pursuits, and formulated a solid vision of our goals…we can then begin to apply the second part of the success equation.

With a firm grasp of what we want to accomplish…we should begin the process of gaining all the necessary knowledge for successful achievement of our goals.

As we pursue our current passion…we should work hard to learn as much about the subject of interest we are currently pursuing. Most likely, there will have been others before you who have also desired to master a similar discipline or achieve the same goal you are currently working towards. You can use their own experiences and knowledge gained to help you on your own journey. Many of these former seekers will have written some valuable material that will be very useful to learn in your own quest for knowledge on any given subject.

If there is new skill set you wish to master…it is also vital that you try to model the behaviors and skills of past achievers in that area. Along with modeling a particular skill set…it is also important to practice the new skill until it becomes habit.

Along with the first step in the “Success Formula”…when we gain as much knowledge and skills associated with our goals as possible, we set in motion, the powerful forces associated with our subconscious and superconscious minds…that will bring forth our desires almost effortlessly.

Action is vital for success in any pursuit…but should definitely be the last step in the “Success Equation”

As the above statement suggest, action is indeed a very important step for achieving success in anything…but action should only be taken after the first two steps are complete.

Once we have truly contemplated our goals, and obtained all the necessary knowledge and skills needed for successful completion of these goals…then it is time to take the necessary actions to bring our goals into reality. By this point in time, our actions should also occur almost effortlessly.

Dr. Robert Anthony, author of many valuable resources associated with creating our own realities…had this to say in his article titled “The Secret of Doing without Doing”:

“Put simply, you should take no action on anything until you have visualized your desire and made it real enough in your mind that your next action (step), whatever it is, seems like the most logical step. How can you know the next logical step? Here is the test that you can give to yourself before taking any action. If you focus on what you desire and still feel overwhelmed or anxious, then you are not ready for any action. You know you are ready when it feels like the next logical step is effortless. There is no effort, no strain, and no pain.”

With all of this said, it is also important to remember that while our actions should seem almost effortless…there still is a work factor involved in the successful achievement of any goal. Nothing can be achieved with little or no effort on our part. Get rich quick schemes and success without any work or sacrifice are just not going happen.

The trick is to make our actions so desirable that they really don’t feel like “work” at all. When we have done the ground work discussed in the first two steps, we will be so full of passion and knowledge…the action step will just flow naturally, and we will be happy to do it!

The “Success Formula” can be applied to any aspect of our lives…to truly create an Abundant Life full of success and happiness

Whether we desire Financial Freedom, Personal Development, or Optimum Health…utilizing the “Success Formula” is the key to obtaining all these things and more.

We truly are the masters of our own destiny’s…and using the 3 steps just discussed will hopefully provide you a relatively simple way to achieve all your dreams and desires.

A truly Abundant Life can be accomplished through Vision, Knowledge, and Action. Good luck on your own Abundant Life journey!


Source by James Noyes

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