Think And Grow Rich by Nepoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is an inspirational book by Napoleon Hill that has been used for decades to teach people how to improve their lives. Nepoleon Hill says that thinking affects people the most. Rich people think differently and become rich. We will discuss some major points that this book covers.

Hill’s study of more than 500 self-made billionaires led to Think and Grow Rich, a concise, approachable exposition of his Law of Success philosophy that covers thirteen steps to wealth (financial, emotional, and spiritual).

Desire: The Starting Point

Wishing for your dreams to come true won’t make you rich. To achieve any objective, you must have a strong desire for it, the conviction that you will get it, and clarity of purpose—the firm understanding of what you want. Hill outlines six strategies for making your dreams come true.

Faith: Visualization of belief and atainment of Desire

You can build the emotion of faith, which is required to convert your objectives into their physical or financial counterpart, by affirmations or repeated alerts to the subconscious.


Autosuggestion is the process of moving thoughts from the conscious mind to the subconscious by using self directed communication and self-administered stimuli. We can reclaim complete control over the information that reaches our subconscious mind and exert control over our decisions, feelings, and actions by repeatedly repeating our conscious thoughts and desires to ourselves, as described in the ritual of the “Faith” section above.

Specialized Knowledge

We need to have specialized knowledge of the service, product, or profession that we aim to deliver in exchange for fortune in order for our goals to transfer into financial, career, or other kinds of success (which we have chosen in the “Desire” step). Notably, you don’t need to already hold this specialized knowledge. It’s common to complete this phase by knowing how to buy or rent knowledge. Your chances of obtaining the crucially important specialized knowledge for yourself are improved through courses, seminars, books (or summaries! ), industry conferences, and more.

The other, equally potent, end of the spectrum is working with knowledgeable people (“renting knowledge”). An ambitious person must pursue lifelong learning to stay current with all of the most recent innovations in their field.


Ideas come from the imagination and are shaped or given a form by it.

“Anything they can Imagine, humans can make it.”

Two sorts of imagination are mentioned by the author.

Artificial imagination:this skill involves creating new arrangements of previous concepts, ideas, or plans. Additionally, creative imagination is a talent that allows for the generation of ideas (“infinite intelligence”) as well as the receipt of “hunches” and “inspirations.”

Create a list of concepts that will both excite you and allow you to utilize your skills to the fullest in order to maximize the utilization of your imagination in attaining your major objective.

Organized Planning

The solution is not to merely hope that you will achieve your goal. Every success begins with a strong goal that is then brought to life through imagination and carried out according to a well-organized strategy.

No strategy is ideal. When you carry out your plan, you’ll probably suffer a brief setback. The best strategy for dealing with defeat is to embrace it as proof that your plans are flawed. Armed with the knowledge of your prior failures, rebuild your plans and continue working toward your goal.

Don’t give up before you accomplish your goal since those who give up never get to see their long-term goals realized.


Those who fail consistently make judgments slowly, if at all, and frequently and swiftly change their views. People that are successful make decisions quickly and definitively and change their minds gradually. In most cases, they are aware of what they want and obtain it. Making a firm decision always takes courage. Decision’s antithesis, procrastination, is a familiar foe that almost everyone must defeat.


One of the main reasons for failure is a lack of persistence. It can be overcome, but only if one’s desire is strong enough to overcome it; weak desires produce weak outcomes. Power of will serves as the foundation for persistence, which is also influenced by other elements like:

  1. clarity of goal
  2. Self-reliance
  3. Plan definiteness
  4. credible facts
  5. Co-operation
  6. Habits

Which of the aforementioned traits do you lack, which could be getting in the way of your perseverance? Contrarily, a lack of persistence leads to the following signs and symptoms:

  • Procrastination
  • Absence of interest Uncertainty
  • Self-satisfaction
  • Indifference
  • weakness in motivation
  • Lack of organized planning Lack of willingness to leave
  • Wishing as opposed to willing
  • looking for evasions
  • aversion to criticism

So how can one cultivate persistance?

The author offers the four steps listed below:

  1. Create a clear objective that is supported by a strong motivation to see it through.
  2. Create a clear plan that is executed consistently.
  3. Keep away any depressing and negative Thoughts.
  4. Keep yourself responsible to those who will motivate you to carry out your goal and purpose.

Power of Mastermind

A mastermind is a group of people who work together to carry out your plans and assist you succeed. Who might be on your team, and how might you put one together in the upcoming month? Without the ability of a mastermind, no one can become extremely powerful and be successful. As stated by the author:

“No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind”.

A mastermind’s objective is to transform information into power by organizing it into clear plans and then putting those plans into action.

Transmutation of Sex

Three positive outcomes from sex are possible:

  • Continuity of humankind
  • the preservation of health
  • The transmutation of mediocrity into greatness

The strongest human desire is the need for sex. Its driving force inspires people with a sharp imagination, tenacity, willpower, persistence, and creative skill that is uncommon in other eras. Sexual drive, or the desire for physical expression, has the potential to be transformed into very creative and fruitful outlets, a driving force for achievement or, of course, the accumulating of wealth. The effort is worthwhile since the payoff is worth the use of willpower.

Subconcious Mind

The subconscious mind serves as a bridge between an individual’s finite thinking and infinite intelligence. You can use the subconscious mind as a conduit to transform your goals into their material or monetary equivalents. However, if you ignore to instill it with your own aspirations, it will feed off of any thoughts that come its way as a result of your neglect.

Create a habit of utilizing and employing to your benefit the following 7 primary positive emotions: want, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance, and hope in order to take control of your subconscious mind. Any potential of getting helpful advice from your subconscious mind could be completely destroyed by the simple existence of one bad feeling in your conscious mind. The seven main negative emotions to stay away from are fear, anger, jealousy, hate, revenge, greed, and superstition.

Your good emotions will eventually entirely take over your thinking, blocking the negative ones from entering.

The Brain

Every human brain functions as both a transmitter and a receiver of the vibration of thought. The brain’s “sending station,” via which thought vibrations are transmitted, is the subconscious mind. The “receiving set,” through which the vibrations of idea are captured from the ether, is the creative imagination. The mind is more responsive to the vibration of thinking when aroused (“stepped up”) to a high rate of vibration. Positive or negative emotions can cause this “stepping up.” Only extremely high-frequency vibrations are picked up by the ether and sent from one brain to another.

The Sixth Sense

The only way to comprehend the sixth sense is through meditation and inward mental growth. When you develop your sixth sense, you will be able to see opportunities and hear warnings of oncoming hazards in time to seize them. However, if uncertainty, doubt, and dread persist in your thoughts, the sixth sense will never work. They are connected in that uncertainty turns into doubt, and the two combine to produce terror as the end outcome.

The six most common concerns are: poverty, criticism, illness, losing a loved one, aging, and death. There is a seventh “enemy,” though, and that is openness to harmful influences. Like all those who acquire great wealth, you must take the following precautions to protect yourself against this enemy:

  • Utilize your willpower constantly until you develop resistance to damaging effects in your own thoughts.
  • Use your willpower to take control of your thoughts and sway your subconscious mind
  • Purposefully seek out the company of people who motivate you to think and behave in a good manner.
  • Simply put, fear is a mental condition. It is subject to direction and control. Take advantage of this knowledge.

“Man’s thought impulses begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent, whether those thoughts are voluntary or involuntary.”


  • The book makes use of the ability of mind to bring about the manifestation of passionate desires and a clear goal.
  • The thing that keeps everything together is faith.
  • Every success begins with a strong goal that is then brought to life through imagination and carried out according to a well-organized strategy.
  • People that are successful make decisions quickly and definitively and change their minds gradually.
  • One of the main reasons for failure is a lack of perseverance.
  • You need the assistance of a mastermind if you want to achieve and get enormous power.
  • When channeled towards artistic and productive endeavors, sexual drive may be a potent motivator for achievement.
  • Simply put, fear is a mental condition. It is subject to direction and control.

This book is one of the best book about changing your mindset. if you want more book summaries, vist my page: Book Reviews. You can Purchase this book paper back on Amazon. and download the softcopy here.

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